Go slow or speed up?

Evening all,

I’d appreciate some advice…

I finished level 1 but am finding the leap to level 2 quite long and high! I cannot seem to get lesson 2 in my brain at all, despite listening to it twice. I know the motto is the quicker the better, but I seem to remember somewhere in level 1 the advice was get around 80 per cent correct before moving on, and with lesson 2 I must be getting only 50% right. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

ps - llond llaw go iawn, or just “a real mouthful !?” :wink:

I may be putting words into @aran and @Iestyn’s mouths but the 80% advice is not what they say now. I would imagine it to be ‘Do lessons 1-5 and then go back to lesson 1 and be amazed at how much easier it is now’. Or just give it a rest for today and go back to it tomorrow.


What Margaret says above!!!

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That’ll be fine - you wouldn’t have got through Level 1 if you had any serious problems with the methodology - so please ignore that old-fashioned advice about 80%, and keep on keeping on… :slight_smile:

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Many Thanks :slight_smile:

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