Gloucestershire meet ups

A group of us are trying to start regular meet ups in Gloucestershire. Here’s the first which I probably won’t make but others will so I am posting on their behalf. Follow the link:

Swmae! I’d be interested in joining you (dw i’n byw yn Cheltenham, ond does dim gar ‘da fi. Sa i’n defnyddio Facebook, hefyd).


Hi Steve,

Event by Fi Benson and Duolingo Welsh Learners - Dysgwyr Cymraeg Duolingo

Hopewell Colliery

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Shwmae pawb, the Clwb Sgwrsio/Cerdded Forest of Dean/Gloucestershire is now underway. Three of us met yesterday in Beechenhurst in the Forest and we now have the next date to meet up if you can make it.
Thursday, 28th October, 1 pm - Hopewell Colliery Cafe, Cannop Hill, Speech House Rd, Coleford, Glos GL17 7EL.
They have a large car park, free parking, cafe that offers light refreshments to full meals.
They are going to reserve a table for us - so if you are planning on coming, please email me on [email removed by Moderator].
All levels of learner/first language speaker very welcome. It’s all for the Welsh language practise!

Bydda i’n mynd a sawl pobl arall.

Sorry @AndyWoolley, I didn’t see this to mention in the newsletter. If you can tag me when you post details, I can include it in the the newsletter to let more people know :slight_smile:

Here’s the latest from Fi:

22 November, High Orchard pub, Gloucester GL2 5FZ, 1 pm; learners at all levels/first language speakers all very welcome; anyone intending to come needs to send me a Private Message (so I have a big enough table booked)

11 December, the Lockkeeper, Highnam, Gloucester GL2 8DB, 11 am; again, learners at all levels/first language very welcome and could anyone wishing to join us please Message me.

(You can send a Private Message by clicking on @fi-benson then using the ‘Message’ icon)

EDIT: post edited to remove email address :slight_smile:

Bore da, cwrtogwen-bythesea,

might you have any details of Gloucestershire meet-ups other than the couple I’ve currently organised (High Orchard, Gloucester, 22 November, 1 pm; the Lockkeepers, Gloucester, 11 December, 11 am)?

Just in case we’re overlapping each other :smiley:


Hi Fi, no i haven’t as that’s my “name” on here. I need to get it changed to my actual name not part of my email address.

However i still need to contact the person who organised meet ups in Gloucester before the lockdowns and on the latest postcard list there is a new member in Trefynwy (Monmouth) so i willl send a card to him about our meet ups.

Andy Woolley

Thanks, Andy (and apologies for my late reply). Forest of Dean isn’t very easy for me to get to, as I don’t have a car. I hope the meeting went well. I’ll look out for other events I can get to more easily.


Hi Steve, I’m organising a meet up at the Lockkeepers in Gloucester on Friday, 13 May, 11 am if you are free and want to join us. We are a friendly core group of mixed levels’ speaking. My email is if you have queries or want to let me know if you can join us or not. Fi

I’ve received an email from @fi-benson to say that these Fforest o Ddena (Forest of Dean), Caerloyw (Gloucester) Meetups are still continuing, which is great news!

The next meetup is TOMORROW, 10 November, at the Lock Keepers, Horseshoe Drive, Over GL2 8DB

If you have any questions about these meetups, it’s best to contact Fi directly - fibenson [AT] gmail [dot] com - just put that together to create her email address.

Diolch yn fawr iawn, Deborah.

Hwyl am y tro

These meetups happen on the second Thursday of the month, at 2 pm, and all are welcome!