Gloucester - change of meet-up day

Anwyl pawb (and for Dee’s attention please)
We (the Gloucester group) are wedi blinoed with trying to speak Welsh against the background of the fiddles and guitars of the Tuesday folk club. After all, it’s hard enough when you can hear. So, we have decided to move our monthly Welsh speakers meeting from the second Tuesday of the month to the second Wednesday of the month. So, the next meeting will be on Wednesday 14th January at The England’s Glory, London Road, Gloucester. Eirwyn and Huw are fluent speakers from Llandeilo and Felinfoel respectively, and Brian is an advanced learner from Ceinewydd and me, well I am fluent in body language so I get by. There are others who drop in from time to time, like Anne from Llanelli, and whatever happened to Dave Rogers? I suspect he may have been groomed by a nudist faction from Rhosllanerchrugog, but I have no proof - it is merely conjecture.
Knowing our luck, we may be joined by the Gloucestershire and district tuba and Xylophone players but we are willing to take a punt: you see we are like that; easy going, free-thinking and fully clothed. Wedyn, Os ych i’n meddwl o dod nghaerloyw (something like that!) then pop on down and start siarading gyda ni, or playing the tuba! Pam lai.


Ah yes. Wednesdays in the ‘Gory’. Death Metal night, isn’t it? :wink:

Remember the Morland’s (makers of “England’s Glory” matches ) Match Factory in Gloucester, way back when (when I was a kid), longer ago than I’d care to remember. I wonder if “The England’s Glory” is located somewhere within the location of the old factory.

Well, Rob, even death metal would be better than the status quo!
Mike, strangely, perhaps, and even though the pub sports a sign with the match logo on it, it is several miles from the factory, which is still there. Mae nhw’n gneud y neis peint o chwerch ecs.
Nadolig llawen

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