Getting back to learning

I have had a short break from learning welsh and have just started back after the festive period. I seem to be finding it a bit easier now and I am learning the sayings I’m using the app writing down key sayings going over them in my head adding linking words that i know witch at the moment is really basic :joy: i listen to radio cymry and try to watch s4c as much as possible evan the children’s program’s is there anything else i can do to speed up the process as i have given my self a year of learning to become an advanced welsh speaker many thanks martyn


One of the best things you can do is try and find someone you can practice your Welsh with - even if you don’t think you know more than the basics. Ideally, face-to-face is best, but a skype-type arrangement would work if you’re in an area short on Welsh speakers.
Depending what level you’re on, it might be worth considering attending one of the bootcamps, or even plunge into one of the special super-intensive courses.
Using your Welsh ‘in the wild’ is one of the biggest steps any learner can take, and can seem quite daunting, but it really pays dividends. :smiley:


Good morning Robbins.

One thing I like to do is sleep learn.

Download some songs onto an MP3 and listen to them at bedtime. Because you are relaxed they stay in your head easier.

May the Welsh language flow into your head as easy as water does your tummy. Joseph


I agree with @siaronjames that one of the best things you can do is speak, speak, speak!

They say that every learner has to make 1000 mistakes (or whatever number) while learning to speak the language, so the sooner you get all of those over with, the better :slight_smile:


Hello Philip

Although I agree with your statement that is a bit difficult as there are no Welsh speakers where I live.

Nor where I live :slight_smile: Skype helps a lot, especially if I’m willing to pay for someone’s time.

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Hi Philip.

I would love to hook up with someone on Skype.

Thanks for the suggestion