That’s very interesting, Peter, thank you very much for sharing, and huge congratulations on your success… :slight_smile: :star2:

I’m new to SSi, but from the little i have done it is an amazing site. I would dearly like to see German added. I am refreshing my German , and can find no end of sites to practice writing/ reading, some to practice listening but hardly any to practice speaking. I looked at YSG, but the approach he uses is not what i’m looking for in a site to practice listening/speaking. SSi gives me that in Dutch and Welsh, the two courses im following, so etending to SSi approach to German would be the icing on the cake for me:)


Agreed. It doesn’t fit me either. I only did half of Lesson 1 and I couldn’t do more. It is just not what I’d like. SSi aproach is really something unique. Hope we see the SSiG soon. :slight_smile:


Dw i’n fodlon helpu gyda’r prosiect SSiG, sut bynnag dw i’n gallu.
I am willing to help with the project SSiG, however I can. (Just saying :slight_smile: )


Any news on the German version, yet?

No. Actually no news about any other language to come. As far as I know we’ll see some of them in the beginning of next year if everything goes well with the softwere (SSiBorg) developing. Cross fingers it all goes as planed and the new languages will start to emerge. :slight_smile:


I know someone has already offered, but if you need someone to speak on the German course, I would be happy to do it.
I am a native speaker of both German and English.


That’s a really kind offer, Sebastian, thank you… :slight_smile:

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Possibly of interest regarding German (or language-learning tech more generally): The Easy German folks just announced a new site/app called Seedlang that seems to take a step or two towards the SSi model. First they say the German and you repeat it, for five or six sentences. Then they provide the written English for each of those ~6 sentences and you say it in German. Finally they again provide the written English for each of those ~6 sentences and you ‘write’ it in German (using the Duolingo method of clicking word boxes in the proper order).

The big gap I see (from quick tests yesterday and today) is that they always seem to provide the full sentences rather than requiring us to combine previous knowledge on our own. There’s also no time pressure.

What’s nice is that they have set up an automated system to record the German you say and play it back, so you can compare your pronunciation and word choice with the native speakers. So far it’s been running very smoothly for me (using Firefox on Linux, which sometimes has trouble with multimedia apps).


Are you beta tester of you had to subscribe in order to test it. I know there is a free version but with that you don’t have the access to video flash cards (as much as I’ve seen the description of plans on the site).

I see nothing about beta testing—I just followed the link from the video to the site and registered. Perhaps the beta testing period wrapped up before 11 July 2018 (the date of the announcement I saw yesterday)?

I am using the free version, which provides “limited access” to the video flashcards. Glancing through the content tree, it looks like roughly a quarter of the “decks” are currently available to freeloaders like me. (I just started making plans to move out of the German sprachraum next year, so I don’t expect to become a seedlang subscriber.)

Thank you. I for now don’t plan to become Seedlang pro member either as I’ve got me Memrise pro plan already but will look into the free content though just in order to test things and see what it really offers. (but if SSiG will come to existance I’ll switch to that course immediatelly).

I couldn’t get the page to load on my iPad - just a plain blank blue screen. It opened on my phone, but I got a message that my phone’s browser is not supported so the audio wouldn’t work. They’re going to have to make it a lot more compatible if they want people to use it.

At the end of the year they plan to get the propriate app out so it would be easier to do learn.

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