Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day

Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 18/11/2019

Llythyr = ll-uh-theer - letter
Llythyrau = ll-uh-theer-aye - letters
Neges = neg-ess - message
Negeseuon = ne-ess-ey-on
E-bost = eh-bost (short o sound as in frost) - e-mail
E-byst = eh-beast - emails
Cyfeiriad = kuv-ayr-yad - address
Cyfeiriadau = kuv-ayr-yad-aye - addresses
Cerdyn post = Kerr-din post - postcard
Cardiau post = card-yah post - postcards
Anfon = ann-vonn - to send
Anfonwr = ann-vonn-oor - sender
Derbyn = derr-bin - to receive
Mewnflwch = meh-oon-vlooch (Welsh ch sound) - inbox
Allflwch = all-vlooch (Welsh ll and ch sounds) - outbox

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After reading about the good fortune that @JohnYoung had to be looking after Ceiri, I was wondering how he got on with commands like “heel!” and “leave!”. Or is Ceiri bilingual?
It is easy enough to find out how to command your dog in Welsh if he or she is a working sheepdog but what about for those everyday commands when you’re not getting him to move the herd left and right? And what about the “leave that cow-pat alone!” type of thing or generally useful dog-related expressions?

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Dog commands it is! I’ll be back in the morning with a collection. :wink:


Trefniadau is a gorgeous word!

Isn’t it just? :slight_smile:

Sorry for not posting this morning - it’s been a very busy one. Now off to get the kids from school, so I’ll be back later with the dog commands. :slight_smile:

Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 20/11/2019

:dog: :dog2: :dog: :dog2: :dog: :dog2: :dog: :dog2:

Hogyn da = hog-inn dah - good boy
Hogan dda = hog-anne thah - good girl
Ci da = key dah - good dog
Ty’d yma (tyrd yma) = tid erma - come here
Aros = are-ross - stay
Isda (eistedd) = ees-dah - sit
Gorwedd = gore-weth = lie down
Dyro = durr-oh - give
Dyro fo = durr-oh vo - give it
Na = nah - no
Paid = pied - don’t
Lawr = lah-oor - down
Yma = erma - here
Soffa = sofa
Gwely = goo-elllie - bed

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That’s great!
An attentive SSiWer is now extending his vocabulary…



Awwwwww he’s gorgeous, I’ve a real urge to give him cuddles… do you think he’s accept… :wink:

He certainly would and then he’d lick you to death!

He’s a rescue that we’ve had for seven months. We’ve been so so lucky with him and he has transformed our lives.

When we get up to N Wales we’ll introduce you.

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Oh no! I forgot! Sori! :roll_eyes:

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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 25/11/2019

Struggling to think of words today as I’m trying to survive the day on just 5-6 hours sleep! But amidst the madness that is this household, we took delivery of a skip today to clear some of the rubbish from the shed and the garden, so…

Sbwriel = sboor-yell - rubbish
Casglu = Kas-glee - collect
Cael gwared = kyle goo-are-ed - to get rid
Taflu = tav-lee - to throw
Ailgylchu = aisle gull-chee (Welsh ‘ch’ sound) - recycle
Clirio = clear-yo - to clear
Tacluso = tack-lisso - to tidy
Didoli = did-doll-lee - to separate and sort

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Sound file?
I love the selection of words.

Haven’t had time to record yet, Sue, sorry - it’s been a mad kind of day! :wink:

Sorry, didn’t mean to rush you.

No worries!

Sorry for the absence! Aran has been crazy busy travelling here, there and everywhere on work trips and unfortunately it’s thrown us in to disarray. Anyway, on that note…

Teithio = tay-theo - to travel
Taith = ta-eeth - a journey
Taith gwaith = ta-eeth gooa-eeth - a work/business trip

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Fancy some Christmas carols?

Seeing as it’s now December and there’s no running away from Christmas :christmas_tree: any longer, I thought I’d go all out and offer you some Welsh Carols. So if you fancy learning the Welsh words to some of your favourite Carols, let me know and I’ll make some spoken recordings of the lyrics for you.

Just place your requests here


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I would absolutely love that!

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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 04/12/2019

Ok, so why don’t I start with an old favourite, Dawel Nos / Silent Night

Dawel nos, Sanctaidd yw’r nos;
Cwsg a gerdd waun a rhos,
Eto’n effro mae Joseff a Mair,
Faban annwyl ynghwsg yn y gwair,
Cwsg mewn gwynfyd a hedd,
Cwsg mewn gwynfyd a hedd.

Dawel nos, Sanctaidd yw’r nos;
Wele fry seren dlos.
Daw’r bugeiliaid a’r doethion i’r drws,
Faban annwyl, yr wyt Ti mor dlws,
Cwsg mewn gwynfyd a hedd,
Cwsg mewn gwynfyd a hedd.

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Away in a manger is a favorite in our family

Nadolig llawen to all xx