Gaby At The Beeb

Great to see this in the weekly news letter from,Dee. I’ve just posted my suggestion.
Well done, Gaby! Looking forward to hearing about your week which will surely be mentioned on the radio…Can’t wait to listen!

Gaby behind the scenes at Radio Cymru

For anyone wishing to sit the Welsh for Adults Uwch (Advanced) exam one of the hardest aspects is to organise a period of work experience in a Welsh-speaking environment. How much harder is that if you don’t even live in Wales?

Gaby, who you have seen on S4C as ‘Learner of the Week’ occasionally, lives in Italy but that didn’t deter him. If you want work experience using Welsh why not aim high? Gaby did just that and is spending this week working behind the scenes at Radio Cymru in the Bangor studio.

He has been tasked with finding any interesting news stories or items that could be used on the radio, so if you’ve ever fancied yourself as a reporter here’s your chance. If you have any great ideas, just send them to with your contact details and I’ll see that it gets passed through to Gaby.


Byddi di yn canu, Gaby?


I wonder if a certain political party will be insisting that he takes an English test before being allowed a work permit? :smile:


I really can’t imagine anyone having Gaby in the workplace for a whole week and not getting him to sing!

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Thank you all, I’m really having the time of my life this week. They did ask me today to be ar Dylan’s program tomorrow at 9:10. I hope they don’t ask me to sing… haven’t practice for a week now so I’m not in the best of conditions. Went to Caernarfon yesterday where I was supposed to meet Rhys Merion, but he hadn’t arrived yet. Everyone has been very supportive, from the receptionist and the mensa employee all the way to the head producer. Really recommend the experience to anyone taking the Uwch exam, these memories will stay with me for a loooong time. Hwyl fawr!


Can’t wait!!! Pity you missed Rhys: a really nice man to chat too and his live singing voice fantastic…

Hah, there was singing!

Yep!!! Gaby, was absolutely brilliant… :thumbsup:

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I seems I really need to come to the Eisteddfod this year.


Here’s, Gaby! Just click…Happily this is clearer than the original broadcast. Great photo, Gaby!


Weird! Pottering about on language sites on Youtube and who should I see but, Gaby. I’ve never actually heard him speak English until now. He starts talking about SSIW and his Welsh experience and makes some good points - 12 minutes in…

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Gaby makes it into North Wales most popular daily: