Fy Mlog, Fy Mywyd

First post since the trip began, all of 20 minutes ago. I’m keeping the blog Welsh, and FB in English, and perhaps I’ll be organised enough to write different things in the different places. Perhaps.


That’s 2 things I’m going to have to learn to read Welsh for, as I object to joining Facebook!


I’m bumping up this topic because you might forget @margaretnock is still on her trip to Thailand and Japan and she still writes interesting posts in her blog. Or you’re a bit new to the forum and didn’t hear about all this yet.

Yesterday an interesting post about her learning Japanese

All posts are in Cymraeg though but not too hard for a bit advanced learners to read. They’re short and simple but yet very very interesting. It would be pity to miss the opportunity to learn all about Margaret’s adventure and have so me practice with reading Cymraeg at the same time.


Diolch @tatjana.

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