Future of s4c

A link to a live talk this morning on S4C at 11:30am.
“Today, S4C Chief Executive, Ian Jones and Authority Chairman, Huw Jones will discuss The Future of Welsh Language Television in a speech at the 2014 Urdd Eisteddfod.”

Diolch Kim. Sounds interesting. Do you know if it’s going to be made available as a recording too, as it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to listen to the whole thing at work?

Sadly, the live link broke up after 20 minutes but here’s a press release outlining it:
Also, he mentioned that it’s important to remember that S4C is not a regional station but a national one; that he wants to welcome those learning Welsh and those who don’t speak also as viewers as well.
S4C consultation document:http://www.s4c.co.uk/keynote/pdf/e_s4c-future-of-welsh-language-broadcasting.pdf

I saw a brief mention somewhere that S4C is releasing a report (today?) that talks about the importance of keeping up technologically & making sure its services take advantage of new media. Does that square with what you heard?

Diolch Kim. :slight_smile:

It does, Tahl! I suspect that might be the above link which I havn’t read yet…

Just read an S4C pres release (and I assume that this is directly related to everything mentioned above) saying that you can now watch their programmes on Facebook. It seems that this is still through Clic, so the usual access restrictions apply, I assume. There’s more info here:

Facebook to show S4C programmes

Has anyone tried the link above? I’m not getting much joy with it . The site seems full of adverts and searching for a programme didn’t go anywhere.

It was an excellent speech - and as others there said, very much a call to arms. I was extremely impressed by how strategically political it was - saying all the right things to make it possible for the key players to keep on working with him, but at the same time drawing a line in the sand and saying very clearly that S4C has taken all the funding cuts it can deal with, and that it will not be able to fulfil its remit as a national channel if its levels of funding post 2015 are not secured in the near future.

It was a surprise and a pleasure to see the head of a major organisation so clearly preparing to stand his ground.

They’ve just uploaded the speech itself: Sadly, no subtitles:

I watch S4C daily via Sky in Scotland. How else can I see most of the Royal Welsh, most of the National Eisteddfod etc.?? I do not believe I am the only exile doing this. I use subtitles and can do so even when I have recorded the program with Sky+. I get some rugby this way that’s not available elsewhere. Please, please support the cause of exiles who need S4C and are not counted in the statistics!!

Dinas: “that he wants to welcome those learning Welsh and those who don’t speak also as viewers as well”

Da iawn. Now I just wish that Radio Cymru would be so openly welcoming of learners. Not that I wish to knock RC. They’ve had some good stuff on lately, like drama, and some interesting programmes about Scottish Independence, which is obviously of at least potential interest to those interested in renewing the campaign for Welsh independence, or at least more devolution.