"Further £1m for Welsh language centres announced"

I am undoubtedly an old cynic but is this really going to help? Do we think that “councils, colleges and universities” will spend this money effectively?

BBC report - Further £1m for Welsh language centres announced

I may well be getting my wires crossed here. But, didn’t the WAG cut funding for Welsh Language Centres earlier in the year?

You and me, Huw. I hope it is not just bricks and mortar, but that social media are part of it as well, I don’t know what the earlier applications proposed :slight_smile:
“datblygu canolfannau iaith sy’n cynnig cyfle i bobl ddysgu neu ymarfer y Gymraeg, gan greu canolbwynt ar gyfer yr iaith.”

I hope some of it is ferried our way as my class(and a few others in this area) may close due to numbers.