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Hi all,

A new SSiW learner here, though I have an 80 day streak going in Duolingo :slight_smile:

I’ve seen posts on here about an offer, which seems to expire today, but I’m a bit confused about what it relates to. I get the daily emails but nothing so far mentions payment of any sort. I’m not averse to paying at all, I pay for Duolingo Plus, and I’m always up for an offer, but how does this all fit together? I’d hate for it to be something like the first 10 lessons are free and then SSiW asks you to pay, only to find I’ve missed a great offer.

Can anyone help me out?


Quite right - it would be a huge shame to miss out on this fantastic offer. If you sign up for SSiW’s 6-minute a day course, you can also get access to the intensive 6-month course, for just £10 per month! It involves 2-4 hours study time a week, to include lessons, tasks, tutorials and speaking practice. To find out more, and to enrol (now, now!), go to:

and put my name in the ‘Who told you about this course?’ box!


Thanks Bronwen. I’m still a bit confused however. I already have signed up to the 6 minute course, assuming that’s the daily email one? I’ve not been asked to pay for anything yet though and clicking on your link just takes me to yesterday’s lesson with nowhere to put a name in. So at the moment I’m doing the daily course for free (afaik), I was assuming I’d be asked to pay for this at some point.

Sorry for being so slow but can you explain the difference between doing the offer and not doing the offer in terms of what you get and what you pay?

At the moment, the first 15 challenges of Level 1 are free, but if you want to continue from that, you need to pay £10 a month.
If you sign up to the “6 minute Welsh speaker” course, that’s also £10 a month, but you continue to get hints and tips and reminders by email throughout (free ones stop after about a week, I believe), and access to video chat sessions to ask questions and practise.
If you sign up to the “6 month Welsh speaker” course you get a lot more of the same, moving on at a faster pace, for £40 pcm.

The special offer, which ends today, is that if you sign up for £10 pcm and give someone’s name as having “referred” you, you can opt to do the heavier-duty, faster course instead, for just £10 instead of £40.

Does that help?

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When I started (before there was so much structured support available) you got daily emails just for the first week, even when you were doing it for free.


Thanks. If I go to I can sign up to the ‘standard’ course for £10 but it doesn’t explain what the standard course is. Is it the 5/6 minute one? I see no option to sign up for a more expensive one. It also refers to it being ‘for all languages’ but what other ones are there other than Welsh? Again, it doesn’t say.

I feel I’ve rather got off on the wrong foot here. Is there a page somewhere that explains all of this?

Hi @phroco

I have just had a quick look…having gone through the material already, I wasn’t sure what the latest choices were.

In particular, the structured courses are described here:


The other options are…the challenges (up to challenge 15 is free before you subscribe to continue), advanced content (for later) and the intensive courses (e.g. bootcamps) - see below - options in top right drop down.

Rich :slight_smile:

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I missed out on this offer but I didn’t know any other welsh learners at the time! It’s ok though - I’m sure they will use the extra dosh to benefit the program though so I’m fine with that. :smile: And an 80-day streak is impressive! I’m hitting my 30-day streak at midnight tonight!

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Well this is a little strange. The link you posted, and any other link in the thread just takes me directly to my current lesson and audio file, e.g. It’s like it doesn’t want me to see any other pages!

Ok, I can see it if I copy the link into a different browser where I’m not logged in.


I think that if you log out once you’re on your current challenge, and then try again, you should probably see all the other choices.


Also, I think the “standard” course you mentioned is probably the option to pay to continue beyond Challenge 15 - the alternatives are the more structured ones.

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Well I tried to sign up to pay but it says I’m already a member of one of the structured courses so won’t let me! I think I’ll need to get in touch with support directly to resolve this. Thanks for everyone’s help so far.

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That sounds as though you’re already paying, and we don’t want you to pay twice… :slight_smile: But if it’s being hiccupy, @kinetic will have a chance to help out next week, once he’s back from the birthday party… :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’m definitely not paying (yet) but I did sign up for the daily emails. I’ve sent a mail to admin, hopefully they can see what might be happening.

Hi. Been trying all day to sign my son on to birthday offer. Had lots of problems similar to phroco. Using a different browser solved some problems but when trying to make payment it says “You are already a member of one of our structured courses!” (when logged in using son’s email.) Sorry to be a pain - I’m not the most computer literate!

It might not be a perfect solution, but perhaps you could create an email account (e.g. gmail) specially for your son for Say Something in Welsh? If you use that email account to sign up with, it won’t say that you are already a member :slight_smile: Just an idea to consider.

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Hi @phroco and @Mary30-3 - I’m thinking this might be connected to a known issue we’ve been having with Paypal - @kinetic is going to be trying to solve it next week, once he’s home from the party - and we’ll make sure that anyone who tried to get access to the offer receives it once we’ve sorted it all out… :slight_smile: