Forum very slow to open threads

I’m having major problems today with the forum, specifically with opening existing threads: it hangs up on the ‘opening’ symbol for an extended period, and sometimes eventually opens the thread & sometimes doesn’t. Worst on Windows 8.1, but also happening on my OS device.

In my view this has been creeping up on us for a while - a couple of weeks at least. Things have been getting noticeably slower at a noticeable rate, if you see what I mean.


Forum crashed on posting the above. The thread list updated after about 20 seconds, but the posting window window continued to show the ‘wait’ gif. Then the forum disappeared after about another minute and I had to navigate my way back in.

Yeah, snap. I’ve pinged Ifan, although this is still pretty early in the day for him, but this is clearly something we really need to get to grips with asap. Sorry for the pain-in-neckness.

I thought it was my internet connection :slight_smile: