Forum Registration?

I am getting acquainted with the website before beginning and I read somewhere (my mind in spinning so I don’t remember where) that one has to register for the Forum but I do not see how to do this on the Forum page. I am signed into SaySomethinginWelsh but not the Forum. Can anyone help please? Diolch.

You’ve done everything you need to do! I can tell because you were successful in posting here on the Forum. :slight_smile: Croeso! (Welcome!)

Hello Diane,

Thank you, but I remember something where you were supposed to give the user name that you wanted to appear on the Forum, also information as to one’s town, etc. - my ID and access to the Forum comes from my having registered (for SSIW). I remember that there were other steps to put your info for the Forum. I am puzzled…
Diolch yn fawr.

Shwmae Linda!
We used to use a separate forum away from the main SaySomethinginWelsh website where we had usernames and a separate login. Thanks to our excellent webmaster Kinetic, that’s a thing of the past (although we still have access to the MANY useful threads on the old forum now - not sure if the members section is still restricted to registered users though, to be honest).
So, as you are now registered onto our forum, I would also like to say Croeso cynnes i’r fforwm!

Diolch yn fawr!