Forum bug reports

Stu Bonham DavidHT: the text appears, but the videos do not, although the page leaves spaces where the videos ought to be
Hi David,

That is your browser protecting you from “insecure content”. To see the videos, click on the little shield that appears in the top left hand corner of your browser, near the address box, and select the option to allow such content.



This was one relevant discussion on the old forum:

Thought it had actually got fixed, but the last comment there is actually that it was going on the “to-fix-it” list, where it presumably remains…

RamblingJohn: Yep i get the same thing happening (windows 7, chrome), just click the back arrow a couple more times and hey presto i’m back here.

If I keep clicking on the “back” arrow, it does eventually take me back to the forum proper, but rarely (never?) to where I wanted/expected to go to!
Definitely a bug, I’d say

If you find yourself with the ‘page of code’ after trying to go back, instead of hitting back again try hitting refresh. That’s likely to sort itself out.


“refresh” helps in getting ride of the “code” and back to a proper forum page, but I think it’s helped reveal what is possibly a separate bug.

I recently had the “code” issue, hit “refresh”, and it ended up showing the results of an old search of mine (I’d searched on “Trello”):.

Now the word “Trello” was not in my search bar, but in the URL bar, it ended up with …topics?query=trello

And this has now happened in other situations, e.g. after I logout and in again.
So I’d like to report that as a separate bug please

(Not the most serious one, I admit, but I don’t think it’s what is supposed to happen)

I was getting the code issue then Ifan did somethign that sorted it out. I’ve noticed it back since the IE8/9 issue was sorted. I wonder if part of that solution messed with the original code solution.

I’ve just moved at home to Windows 8.1 (your condolences gratefully received).

I got some odd rendering behavior today in its IE11 (?) browser, the one in the Desktop (i.e., old-fashioned) mode. The left-hand topics list opened at a scale too large for the browser, with the top overlapping the row of blue buttons, and more importantly with the bottom arrow not accessible but somehow stuck behind the task bar. This didn’t happen yesterday. I did eventually get things back today. Shutting the browser and reopening didn’t fix it by itself, but unfortunately I’m not sure what did. Sorry, bad debugger. :frowning:

The buttons at the top of the forum, i.e faq, assessment, contact etc don’t work.

Also this post I’m currently typing is half under the forum listen on the left hand side.

Also when I’ve pressed the preview post button on a few occasion I get a ‘something must have gone wrong’ internet page.

Kev: If you find yourself with the ‘page of code’ after trying to go back, instead of hitting back again try hitting refresh.

That helps , thanks! It was becoming really annoying and repeated backpaging didn’t work.

Same problem I reported above recurred today with the desktop browser (IE 11) in Windows 8.1-- forum isn’t usable because the bottom arrow on the left-hand-side topics list isn’t accessible. I searched for this thread, found it, posted this message; the forum rendered oddly in response, with the top of the topics list overlapping the blue buttons; I then hit refresh, and everything including the bottom arrow went to looking as it should. Passing this along so you have details!

Passing this along so you have details!

Diolch yn fawr iawn…:slight_smile:

Diane - I’m reading this forum on my tablet today (my computer is in the shop) and I occasionally allow a finger to stray across the screen, which causes the two columns (topics and posts) to become greatly enlarged and overlap each other. I have to “pinch” reduce the screen contents to appropriate size to make it look right. Doesn’t W8 use a touchscreen? If so, could that help?

Sionned: Doesn’t W8 use a touchscreen? If so, could that help?

It does, and I’ll try messing with that if it happens again. It seems to happen inconsistently for me on Win 8.1, much more with the ‘traditional’ desktop browser (which I prefer!) than with the ‘modern’ browser (the one you reach through the tiles).