Forgotten everything!

I’ve had four weeks off and forgotten everything! Help!!! n

I was up to lesson 21 of the six weeks course. I’ll go back a few lessons till I feel comfortable again

I’ve been in Germany and trying to talk German. That doesn’t help I guess.

Hi @dianne-1 i can almost guarantee you haven’t forgotten everything. Go back to lesson 16 and go from there. You won’t be smooth but you’ll get back into the groove. Don’t beat yourself up, did you have a good time in Germany?

From my experience I would say @AnthonyCusack is correct: you may have the impression you have forgotten everything, but it’s all still there somewhere and most of it will come back to surface when you do the challenges again. :wink:

By the way, since you’ve mentioned German: I’d also add that despite several attempts to learn it, I still only have a vague knowledge of it. But whenever I tried to revive it recently, there’s a lot of Welsh bubbling up instead!
So I wouldn’t be surprised if your focusing on German and hearing it a lot may have added a bit of (temporary) confusion too.

Thanks AnthonyCusack, I had a lovely time. I stayed with my son and his family (they have a very lovely 17month old :slight_smile: ) and we visited his future inlaws and did some sightseeing. I was treated like a princess and was thoroughly spoiled!

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Thank you gisella-allbertini - you are right about the confusion! :slight_smile: