Flooding in Europe 2021

Having seen the recent dreadful reports of the flooding in Central Europe, I hope any of you (and your families, friends and colleagues) in the affected areas are ok.


Heartbreaking, particularly as much of the countryside resembled landscapes in the British Isles.

I have been looking for a flood relief appeal. The only one that I have found so far is Facebook’s. I have made a small contribution through Facebook but I would be more generous if there were a Red Cross appeal or appeal by a similar organization…

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I don‘t know if this is much help:

It is the website of the German Red Cross.

This organisation is also coordinating relief contributions: Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Whether locally or through larger foundations, those who want to help out financially can do so through many channels. Aktion Deutschland Hilft, a coalition of several reputable aid organizations, is running a major fundraising campaign. The initiative shared its donation page in a tweet and said that several of its coalition partners were already out helping in the affected regions. (Information from Deutsche Welle)

The Red Cross here in Flanders has opened a special bank account for funds for the victims of the flooding in Belgium. You’ll find information in Dutch on this page and if you scroll down, you’ll see the account number that is to be used: IBAN is BE70 0000 0000 2525 and BIC is BPOTBEB1.

Here in the west of Belgium, we have had no problems, though the water must still come through the rivers to the sea, so the dykes might break because of the pressure (though that is decreasing). The east of Belgium is, of course, a real disaster area.

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The really sad thing is that I watched this video - apart from the introduction produced in 2014 - which said clearly that the biggest risk of climate change in Europe was that of flooding. Are the governments not listening?



Diolch. Mae’n ddefnyddiol iawn.

There is quite a row brewing about this in Germany at the moment as the meteoroligists were warning of severe rain and flooding last week. However, the message somehow got lost further down the line. The Danube here in Bavaria is running high and there are flood warnings out but severe disruption is not feared apparently.

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Yes, I’m in Ulm and I’ve never seen the Danube as high or flowing as fast as it is at the moment.
Worth bearing in mind we had a very long winter and the water from melting snow in the Alps is only reaching us now. Normally it comes in May, and that’s when we would expect flooding.
After several years of drought we’ve had a year’s worth of rainfall in six months.