First phone calls in Welsh

For some reason I found the thought of speaking to someone in Welsh on the telephone made me much more nervous than speaking via slack video or face to face, but today I’ve phoned Radio Cymru and Nant Gwyrtheryn and only spoken Welsh not only were the people I spoke to very kind they seemed to understand what I said!!! Thank you SSiW for the confidence and language skills to have a go.


And Radio Cymru actually played my request this afternoon!!


Gwych - that’s a HUGE result! Llongyfarchiadau anferthol i ti… :star: :star2:

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Huge sympathy with first efforts to speak any new language over the phone. Imagine how terrified I was speaking German for the first time on diplomatic channels! If one prepares the questions in advance, the replies come back too fast! I used to simply apologise and ask the person the other end to speak more slowly! So “mae ddrwg gen i, ond medrwch chi siarad ychydig yn arafach, os gwelwch yn dda!