First Cornish Language TV ad


Good for them! It’s very nice ice cream. And this is another good reason for me to buy more of it. Or should I say excuse… :wink:

Bryntin yw! My a gews Kernewek avello (pidjin!) gans Sowsnek thrown in! :smile: But, seriously, this is a landmark and I’m thrilled!

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A good number of the comments underneath the article make for depressing reading (comments are closed now), but it’s good to see there were at least a few people there standing up not only for Kernewek, but for linguistic diversity and minority languages/cultures in general.

Kelly’s bys vykken! :yum:


That’s the Guardian for you. “But I’m a liberal reader of the guardian! I can’t possibly have a bigoted attitude towards minorities or foreigners! Thats what other people are like!” Often worse than the times or telegraph readers when it comes to Welsh or Cornish. I don’t read them now. Helps my blood pressure and happiness levels :blush:

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Bought some recently…they are missing a trick by not having any Cornish writing on the packaging.

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The Guardian? This is the newspaper that covered the fact that Carwyn Jones had finally secured his place at the head of a minority Welsh government after days of tricky negotiation with half a column on page 9…

I’m a subscriber, but it makes me angry sometimes. The only thing that makes me angrier is all the other newspapers…

Maybe we could write to them and suggest it??

“Kelly’s… Kernewek rag Dehen Rew!” :grin:

(Of course, then there’s the debate among Kernewek language experts as to whether “ice cream” should be “dehen rew” (a direct transliteration of “ice cream” — “cream ice”, literally, because the adjective goes after the noun), or “dehen rewys” (“iced cream”, which makes more sense grammatically). I think most people just say “dehen rew” — also spelled “dyenn rew” — and have done with it, but there are pedants out there… :wink:)

In “rewys”, does the “ys” make it a kind of passive?

It would be nice it if was closer to the Welsh “hufen iâ”, although of course “rew” looks familiar.
(ISTR a discussion on here (in the Welsh forum) a long time ago about the difference (if any) between “iâ” and “r(h)ew”). I can’t remember what the conclusion was. :slight_smile:

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“Rew” is “ice”, “rewi” is the verb “to freeze”, and “rewys” is “frozen” — so “dehen rewys” is a more literal/grammatically normal wording than “ice cream” itself is in English (if we were going to be really pedantic, we too would say “iced cream”, which we don’t). But since it’s directly based on the English term anyway, most people — and all the Kernewek dictionaries I’ve seen — just call it “dehen rew”.

Kelly’s themselves have a fun Cornish phrasebook on their website, and they have it as “dehen rew” throughout — e.g. “A wren ni kavos ken dehen rew?” — “Shall we have another ice cream?”

(Good idea, really. I just bought another tub of Kelly’s today, so I think I will… :sunglasses:)


Only a few days left to enter, but if anyone is interested, Kelly’s is running a competition (which closes on Sunday 10th July) on their Facebook page: post a video of you saying “Diw loyas dhe’n lyha mar pleg!” (“At least two scoops, please!”) and the one they like best will win a month’s supply of ice cream. :yum:

(I’d enter it myself, but I don’t have a Facebook account. :wink:)

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. #ebostwythnosol @Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

I think it will be too late Aran, closed yesterday.

Ah, pity! Diolch :slight_smile:

Yes shame, I wouldn’t have minded having a go, just for fun :smile:

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