Finished Level Three

@AlanP - thank you for that. I must say, you spoke Welsh really well on WSP. I am surprised you are a second language learner! I agree speaking is really helpful - the best thing - in making progress. I do get completely lost in some conversations on WSP but I think (I hope!) just listening is helping me tune in a bit better and panic less!
@caroline-18 Although I am doing lots and I can speak some Welsh I am a long way off being a Welsh speaker. I have never been to classes, so any success is down to ssiw, which has definitely helped me gain confidence to begin speaking to real people. Now, WSP is really helping me gain confidence to speak more. I have a terrible accent and a very limited vocabulary, but I am determined to move up a level over the coming months, so am having a bit of a blitz!
As an aside, I must say having the forum rule of using English to communicate really helped me stay learning. In the early days, if ever the odd Welsh comment came up I would panic. I definitely would not have been able to sustain my involvement in learning if I had had to struggle with written Welsh in the early days, so thank you for having that policy. It has meant a lot to me.


Baruch - I am aware of the Levels (I’m currently working my way through Level 2 (I’ve just finished challenge 16). When I eventually finish Level 3 I’m thinking of going through the Old Courses (1,2,3 and practices). What is the “Advanced Course”? and where can I find it?

@david-rees-4 On my desktop computer, I just go to the “Learn” menu and choose “Advanced Content”. There’s an explanation about how to use it. On my Android phone the Advanced Content is in the menu accessed by the button at the top left.

Diolch Baruch. The Advanced content is some way off for me. I’m currently on Challenge 17 on Level 2. When I complete the three levels I intend to go over the three old courses. After that I may have a good look at the Advanced Content (now I know where to find it). Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi

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@david-rees-4 I thoroughly recommend this approach. There is some really important vocabulary in the Courses that aren’t in the Levels. And even though the Courses are considered to be the prototypes of the Levels and not quite as good, they follow the same format and are full of encouragement and a few daft things to say. (Thinking of owning an orange dog? This course is for you!) Good luck.

Iechyd da Baruch! Cadwch yn dda!