Finished level 1 but..,

There are huge chunks of it I can’t recall. Some are nearly there , some i panic when I hear the English “that’s one I don’t know”. I have subscribed, cos I’m determined to keep going. However, not sure if should move on , with weekly revisits , repeat the last lesson a bit before moving on, or redo level to up my confidence. What would people suggest

I am in exactly the same position, @vickyandrew. I was thinking of weekly revisits to the last challenge of level 1, meanwhile pressing on with level 2. I too would be interested to hear what others have done.

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Well, I do need to redo Challenges, otherwise I wouldn’t stand a chance to ever learn the words and sentences by heart, even though in my mind’s eye and ear, I can see Aran shake his head and hear him sigh in exasperation. But I want to be able to remember and use the Welsh I’ve learned; and my brain obviously needs a bit more “hammering the words into the brain”…

I think it’s ok to repeat challenge 25 every now and again (or it used to be), as it pulls together all of the stuff from the entire level.

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Move to level two. I think part of this now is your confidence. As you say, you hear the English and panic, that probably stops the part of your brain that controls recall. Level two introduces new stuff, while covering old. I have a theory: you’ll find something else that you struggle with and it’ll lift the fog on the old stuff. Happened to me. I started to complete sentences I thought I was rubbish with. I also swore I’d never learn “Ai eich plant chi ydy rheina?” But that’s also now firmly in my memory.


I looked at that and thought “What?” Then I realised that it must be the North version of the phrase that I fail to remember every time. At least I recognised it! It is true, the old stuff settles in while you struggle with the new stuff.

Move on to Level 2 - it revisits everything from Level 1…:slight_smile:

[although no harm done if you revisit Level 1 lesson 25 every few weeks!]

I am now just about managing “Ife’ch plant chi yw rheinna?”, at least some of the time. That’s after attempting a new challenge every day for 8 days. The current “I shall never remember that” is “yn wahanol”.


I also recently finished Level 1, and realizing I couldn’t remember it all I did revise a few dodgy lessons. Then when I had the privilege of meeting Aran in Maes D at the Eisteddfod, I asked him whether I should move on to Level 2, or do the new Course 1. (I hope I haven’t got these 2 confused!). He encouraged me to do new Course 1 which I’m now doing, and it’s really encouraging to find there’s is a lot that I already know and can whizz through quite quickly!

Pob lwc Vicky!

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But pretty soon it’ll be (drumroll, please…) rhywbeth gwahanol.



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Phew - thought I’d sold you a lemon there for a while - but I think we’re talking about the OLD ‘courses’ and the NEW ‘levels’ and that you’re going to be switching over to the new Level 1… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: