Finished Course 1 and Looking for a Skype Partner

Shwmae! I recently finished the old Course 1 (South), and I enjoyed it immensely. I’ve just started Course 2 but I’m planning to return to Level 1 and 2. My biggest problem is dropping “mynd” and “moyn” in sentences and remembering the last couple words in each sentence.

I’m looking for a Skype partner also. I live in the South (of the USA) so there aren’t very many Welsh speakers here, and the time zone here is UTC -5, but I will be moving to California (UTC -8) for college in around a month. Diolch!


Hi, and a warm welcome to the forum!.. :slight_smile:

Huge congratulations on having got so far already!

@Deborah-SSi - if there are no responses to this tomorrow, maybe we could stick it in the email? :slight_smile:

Sent you private email about skyping!

Thank you for the encouragement! I started less than two months ago and I’m ready to test out my Welsh with other people! I studied Spanish in school for five years and can still barely speak…Shows how effective the method is :slight_smile:

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Warm welcome to the planet SSi! Feel like at home … :slight_smile:

Great work from you comming so far in 2 months and deciding to test your Cymraeg through Skype conversations.

I’d gladly join in, but the time difference is really a bit of a barier for me just right now. However might figure out something in the future also. :slight_smile:

Happy learning and skyping.

Hwyl! :slight_smile:

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Everyone here is really friendly! I was a little intimidated to ask online on a forum but seeing all the friendly responses has reassured me. Thanks for all the encouragement!


Wow, you really are off to a flying start! That’s a superb rate of progress - by the time you’ve done Course 1, you’d be able to survive a week without English (as long as you were willing to add a certain amount of mime and patience to the mix!) - so you really are achieving great things here :star: :star2:

S’mae a croeso i’r fforwm! Jason ydw i. Dw i’n siaradwr Cymraeg yn California.

Just PM me when you are ready for a Skype partner. I’ve been learning for a little over a year now, so I can say I probably know just enough to be dangerous!

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I would be interested except for two problems: 1) I have Skype access on my laptop but have never used it and am not sure how to do so. 2) I have been studying the northern version of SSI Welsh. I live in southern Virginia fairly far from any SSIers and have been hoping for someone in the Roanoke-Bedford-Martinsville-Rocky Mount-Smith Mountain Lake area of Virginia with whom I could practice the Welsh that I have learned. SM Lake is about 1/2 mile from my house, which is in northeast Franklin County, Virginia. If there is any way I could work a little with someone nearby, I would love to do so. Charles Pasley

Once you move, we will be on the same time-zone, if in different countries.

I see you have had 2-3 offers for Skyping, which may be all you need or have free time for, so hold me in ‘reserve’ and contact me if you want more practice.

All the best,

  • open skype
  • login with your username and password (You can use Widows Live acount for that also)
  • find people (in this case @hello_earth if data provided)
  • add people to your skype contacts
  • call (or they call you)

prety simple … Yes, of course you have to have operating inbuilt microphone or headphones with microphone to chat. I recommend to testcall “user” Echo also to test if audio settings are set properly.

If it might seam a problem it actually isn’t, so go ahead for speaking partner no matter what version. I’m learning southern version but have many speaking parthers who learn northern. In time you don’t even do any differences anymore. You just talk and understand also. (well at least I do so).

Happy skyping now!

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Thank you to everyone for replying! I never expected to get so many replies. I’ll get to PM’ing everyone and getting Skype info. As they say, the more language partners, the merrier!


I don’t seem to be able to reach you, Tina,except through this board. Try my email, which is Diolch. Hwyl!

Forgive me if this has been covered or indeed if it´s blindingly obvious, but wouldn´t it help if potential Skypers (sgaepwyr? ysgoyporion??) included their Skype ID so others could reach them?

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As I could see in these years I’m here people have a pracsis to communicate and give details mostly though PMs. It depends of if they want to be “publicly” exposed or not. For the practical reasons it surely would be easier, but, as I said it depends from individual person if they want all people would see their Skype name or just the ones they want to have a sgwrs with.


(I’d write my Skype name, but I’m not sure in details what it is. TatjanaPrelog I presume.)

Well, it´s a while since I used Skype but IIRC there´s nothing to prevent you having more than one Skype ID. So you could set up an ID just for this community, and have another for personal friends & family, or for your business or school or whatever you need.

Pob Hwyl i chi :slight_smile:

Agreed. :slight_smile: