Finding practice partners - a new resource - please share

Bang. Superstar.

[Damn, I seem to be accidentally channelling Jonathan Davies in a commentary box.]

Okay, folks - we have genuinely brilliant people on Monday and Wednesday evenings - any takers for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday?! :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

@Nicky - I’ve sent you a message on Slack :slight_smile:



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You two are superheroes.

I am currently thinking about where we can find you capes, or gold stars, or something even better.


I don’t know if this will work, but here’s the link for the Wednesday hangout. (fancy dress is optional)

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I think… and I don’t want to cast aspersions on the potentially absent - but generally any time you run something like this online, there’ll always be people who can’t make it on the night :slight_smile:


I’ve always wanted a cape.


I’m happy to volunteer as best as I can on a Friday evening. This week I’d be free 18:00 - 19:00. Due to my 6MWS commitments on the same evening.


Conor, you are SUCH a jump in at the deep end STAR!

On this occasion, I’m going to suggest you keep your focus on the brilliant speed-dating stuff - because I think for the Welsh Speaking Practice group, the Hangout leaders are going to need to be confident speakers, because we’re probably going to get a fair few intermediate and advanced learners pitching up as the word spreads…

But in 6 months from now, I’ll bite your hand off… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

Well, I know now how Slack/Hangouts works and am sufficiently sorted to get next Wednesday going.

Big old diolch to @Novem for the tutorial and patience.


Dim problem :grinning:

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I look forward to seeing you!

Any time you’re around and want a practice partner, give me a message :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Nicky. I look forward to speaking with you and everyone else :grinning:

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Hi Nicky. Just let me know what do do when it’s up and running please. I don’t have much speaking practice other than pestering people who are usually in a hurry to do something else.



Hi John,

I did a bit of quick 10 minute test session last night to make sure I knew what I was doing.

At the moment we have two weekly sessions planned over on Slack.
Monday 7-8pm: Hosted by Milla
Wednesday 7-8pm: Hosted by me.

Would be great to see you over on there :smiley:


You’ll see something like this pop up in the #hangouts channel:

To join, just click “Join hangout” and follow the instructions it gives you (you might have to sign in to your Google account and click “okay” a few times) :slight_smile:

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That’s great thanks, Milla. Sorry that I’ll miss your session on Monday night as I will be working, but the last night should be Tuesday (wether permitting), so I night catch you on Nicky’s session. I just need to suss out Hangouts.


OK, I’ve got Hangouts working. I’ll just need to sus how to get onto the session when the time comes.

Edit: Ah, I see, it is explained above /\


Would this work on sound only - i.e. while driving. I don’t think it would be safe to be looking at a screen while out on the road, but simply listening and speaking “hands-free” would be no more dangerous than making and receiving phone calls…

I spend about about two hours a day on the road and that’s the time I use to learn Welsh.

My only concern would be that it can be a bit fiddly getting in and out of it - but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work as just an audio call… :slight_smile: