Finding practice partners - a new resource - please share

You’ll see something like this pop up in the #hangouts channel:

To join, just click “Join hangout” and follow the instructions it gives you (you might have to sign in to your Google account and click “okay” a few times) :slight_smile:

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That’s great thanks, Milla. Sorry that I’ll miss your session on Monday night as I will be working, but the last night should be Tuesday (wether permitting), so I night catch you on Nicky’s session. I just need to suss out Hangouts.


OK, I’ve got Hangouts working. I’ll just need to sus how to get onto the session when the time comes.

Edit: Ah, I see, it is explained above /\


Would this work on sound only - i.e. while driving. I don’t think it would be safe to be looking at a screen while out on the road, but simply listening and speaking “hands-free” would be no more dangerous than making and receiving phone calls…

I spend about about two hours a day on the road and that’s the time I use to learn Welsh.

My only concern would be that it can be a bit fiddly getting in and out of it - but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work as just an audio call… :slight_smile:

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Isnt this what Amikumu does?

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Not quite, to the best of my understanding - Amikumu helps you find other speakers with a view to meeting up to practice - I don’t believe the app currently has any video chat capability, although @Deborah-SSi may be able to confirm that…?

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Aran’s right. Amikumu aims to help you find speakers of a specific language that are geographically close to you, and you can send them text messages, but at the moment there is no video capability. The purpose of Amikumu is to facilitate contact, but it’s up to the people using it then to decide if they want to meet in person, or use some other method of communication.


This would be brilliant! He speaks Welsh so might help (if we think the same Jonathan Davies (Jiffy). :slight_smile: )[quote=“Nicky, post:25, topic:11405”]
I don’t know if this will work, but here’s the link for the Wednesday hangout. (fancy dress is optional)

It works, and then again, you don’t need invitation to take part at all. Sign in and you’re there … (at least I see it working this way). The only limitation is having acount on Slack but you can simply create one from your link onwards.

@Conor92 you really are a star.

I’m confident but not even close to be brilliant speaker so I don’t even dare to offer any kind of help. I’d be a part of takers not organizers though. Sorry if I disappoined someone with my abilities but that’s how it is … I don’t want to give people the wrong performance of language as I’m a bit “careless” speaker (what means I just say the things my way which means they’re not neither gramarly nor wordly correct) and I don’t think any learner would have a benefit from this, rather the oposite way, they might find it a trouble. Well, however, I never really heard how the participants of @ramblingjohn’s group chat feel about my speach but I many times have a feeling they can’t quite understand me though.

One question though if I decide to join in any form of myself … :slight_smile:
It works on apps too (including PC app) and you don’t need to go to the website at all? I presume Slack version is something similar to Discord in order to chat. Do I have right on this? (not that I tried to chat on Discord though) …


I have no trouble understanding you at all :slight_smile:

Yeah, though if you want to join/lead a hangout you’ll need to have hangouts open on a browser.

Not super familiar with discord (I’ve used it a bit with a few friends but haven’t really got into the channel stuff), but they do seem very similar. A few differences that come to mind are the ability to have friends on discord and slack’s new profile for every workspace. :slight_smile:


Me too, Tatjana, all the time! I tell myself it’s my mouth struggling to keep pace with my brain :wink:


Far better that than your brain struggling to keep pace with your mouth. That’s just dangerous! :grin:


I’m hoping to spot you online there soon, Tatjana, - it’s time we caught up!

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If you maybe didn’t know, discord now offers video chat and video streaming too. They do something new every single week. Developing fast but hopefully the momentum would not stop all of a sudden. :slight_smile:

Wooo, thank oyu. This is direct invitation I just can’t refuse, can I? I even don’t want to refuse it so here I come (Slack) World. (shhh … I have to figure out some "how to"s first too … :slight_smile: ) :slight_smile:

Yes … I sometimes am too quick saying something so I’m learning to think faster than I speak (not totally mastered that skill yet to be honest.) :slight_smile:

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I’ll look out for you on Slack then Tatjana - we can gabble carelessly to each other! :wink: :smiley:

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and i worry about my mistakes which people won’t understand,
(remember you are not alone when it comes to being imperfect).

Cheers J.P.

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Well, mail sent some while ago (some while means after I’ve finished troubeling people on here. :smile: ) :slight_smile:

Hiya Aran
Is it IK for us that are already 6mws slack users to join the other slack channel?

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Sure, absolutely! I think for the time being you’ll find that there’s more going on in 6mws, but in the long term WSP should turn into a terrific resource… :slight_smile: