Finding more Welsh on Twitter - can you help?

I’ve always wanted to be able to find more Welsh stuff on Twitter, and never really figured out a reliable way of doing it…

And it’s just occurred to me - maybe a combination of crowd-sourcing and channelling would do the trick.

If you use Twitter, when you see something in Welsh, could you retweet it and tag @TyddynPorffor? [Once you’ve done that the first time, any time you start to type @T or @Ty you should get autofill!].

Then @TyddynPorffor will be able to retweet all the Welsh stuff you find, and that means following @TyddynPorffor will automatically bring huge amounts of Welsh into your timeline… :slight_smile:

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@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

Have you tried searching for the hashtag #cymraeg? I occasionally post in (bad) Welsh and tag those posts as such, and have found others who do the same. Also, my Instagram is entirely in Welsh. I use it as a practice ground as it makes me think about what I’m trying to say and how I can say it using the Welsh I know.


Yup - I find it patchy - the last time I looked 6 of the first 10 results were in English, and 2 more were bilingual… and, of course, you don’t get hashtags showing in your timeline, which is why I’m thinking having a specifically re-tweeting account would have value (if we can get enough people tagging it, of course… :slight_smile: ).