Fi a Joe Allen....llyfr

Hi SSIWers,
Am currently trying to read my first ever book in Welsh…ok its a children’s book…
Enjoying the process but I’m stuck on the word Megsho…
As in “Megsho maen nhw’n galw hynny.”

And later “Welais i rioted neb yn megsho fel’na o’r blaen”

Any ideas most welcome :pray:


I’ve heard this in the same way (incredibly informal) as ‘nutmeg’ in Football.

Given the book subject it may well be the same intended meaning?

Although in mid Wales and south it soaunds bit more like ‘megso’.
With Manon being a bit more Northerly than us here, the additional ‘h’ would.make sense


Yes thanks given the context makes sense…on with the translating… :+1:

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