I am trying to find a Welsh speaker with whom I can have regular conversations. I have logged into the site and tried to email one or two people within a 10 mile radius, but I can not seem to get the messaging system to work. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong please?

What is it makes you think it’s not working?

I’m afraid ffrinDiaith hasn’t got the numbers we’d like to see involved, at the moment…

The reason that I think it is not working is that I have seen at least two people that live near me and that I would like to ask if they would speak Welsh with/to me, but when I tried to send the first one a contact message, it would not send.

Why is that? Am I doing something wrong?

Does this mean that you clicked to send and absolutely nothing happened, or that you get an error message of some kind? tagging @kinetic to check this… :slight_smile:

Yes. I clicked send and absolutely nothing happened. I should add that the site would not allow me to put a title to the message either

When you say ‘wouldn’t allow you to put a title’ - does that mean that when you clicked on the title field, you didn’t get a cursor in it, or that you got a cursor but couldn’t type anything, or something else? I ask because the more detail we get, the easier it is to figure out what might be failing to work… :slight_smile:

Also, Gordon - could you let us know what operating system you’re using, and where - ie, is it Windows on a PC, or Android on a phone, etc etc - I’ve just sent a message successfully from a Chromebook, so this may well be a system specific issue… :slight_smile:

I could not get the cursor on the title bar space

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It is Windows on a PC

Great, thanks for that - do you happen to know which version of Windows it is?

We have Windows 8

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Thanks, that gives us a good set of parameters - @kinetic, can you have a look at this please? :slight_smile:

So if I’ve understood correctly, when you click on the text boxes for the subject line or the message body, does it just ignore the click, act as though nothing happened?

What about other textboxes - for example, if you go to your name in the top right and then click Account Settings, are you able to get a cursor in the text boxes there, and type stuff?

Do you know which browser you’re using, and which version it is?

(Sorry for the questions, it’s just that it works fine for me when I try it in a few browsers :))

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It just ignores the clock. In addition, if I do not try to put anything in the heading, I can type in copy on the main section, but then I cannot send it .

I have no idea what browser I am using. I just click on the section on the website for Ffrindiath and go to the section where there are people who are willing to talk in Welsh to beginners

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Visit here to find out your browser


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Apparently, my browser is Chrome 58

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