ffrinDiaith and beyond

My ffrinDiaith is someone I knew anyway and the transition from speaking English to Welsh has been an organic. We meet up with other welsh speaking friends and go to gigs Cymraeg, he very much has his ear to the ground regarding Welsh music! It is a natural part of my life now.

I have reached the point where I feel the need and more importantly, feel ready to tackle writing by the horns. So I need to get to grips with grammar, prepositions and spelling. It is something I have neglected in fear that it would put me off and give up, but I am beyond that now, there is no going back, I am a Welsh speaker!

So in trying to think how i can practice writing confidently and beyond the confines of 160 characters on Twitter, (the only time that I write in Welsh) I thought of extending the role of ffrinDiaith to a role of a pen pal. I put the idea to my friend and he thought it was a great idea and is happy to be my pen pal as well!
So the first of hopefully many more e mails was sent earlier today. and the first time that I actively and keenly searched out the grammar book, the preposition book and a dictionary. As I was writing to a journalist and not to a tutor!

So I thought to put out the idea of extending the roles of ffrinDaith to incude pen pal for people who are at that stage of fine tuning their Welsh language!

Da iawn i chi! Hoffwn i weld rhywbeth tebyg y hwn hefyd. Gadwchi mi wybod os byddwch yn gwneud unrhyw cynnydd.
(I like the idea as well and good luck with it!)

Sa i’n siwr os yw hyn yn flaenoriaeth SSiW ar hyn o bryd. (Don’t know where it fits on the SSIW to do list)