Feelgood Factor

Not quite sure what this expression is in Welsh but the performances of our athletes in Glasgow over the last few days…WOW!


Sounds good bod-lon-r-wydd, diolch.

Ffîlgwd ffactor.

Lots of hwyl!

Dw i ar ben fy nigon - means I have everything I need and am fully satisfied. Literally translates as ‘I’m on top of my enough’. :wink:

Literally translates as ‘I’m on top of my enough’. :wink:

:smile: which somehow reminds me of the old fashioned English expression “I’ve had an elegant sufficiency thank you”, which is usually used after a meal - trust me to think of food, as fy nghariad would be sure to remind me. Which reminds me that in Tri Chynnig i Blodwen Jones gan Bethan Gwanas, Blodwen remembers her Mam’s advice that “Dyna’r ffordd i drin dynion - siarad am eu stomogau”. “That’s the way to handle men. - talk about their stomachs”. :smile:
(Edit: or maybe it’s more like “talk to their stoimachs”)