Fancy a 'bwtcamp' with a difference ... in Patagonia?

Yes, you read that right - a chance to attend an intensive week of Welsh in PATAGONIA!

This is the initial announcement from Jeremy Wood who is one of the organizers:

Amazing “Bwtcamp” in Patagonia

Trevelin, Patagonia, 20 – 31 January 2020

Members of the Welsh Society in Trevelin in the Patagonian Andes have been teaching Welsh in the community since they arrived in this remote corner of Patagonia in the 1890s. Initially, it was through Sunday School and Band of Hope, as well as Welsh-speaking locals visiting homes. Later, students (adult and children) came to the Pastor’s house next to Capel Bethel for their lessons, and the teachers must have been pretty good, since this is the only school in the World, it is believed, that has won the National Eisteddfod’s Dysgwyr y Flwyddyn award for the best Welsh learner TWICE! They have now built a new Welsh school, Ysgol y Cwm, which is a full bilingual (Welsh and Spanish) primary school and which teaches Welsh to adult learners in the evenings.

During their summer school holidays in January 2020, they have now decided to run, with the blessing of SSIW, a 12 day “Bwtcamp” for Welsh learners in the beautiful village of Trevelin in Argentina in their brand new school (

The course will be entirely in Welsh and taught by Patagonian and Welsh-born teachers. It will include formal classroom tuition, chats and projects and visits to some of the most important sites of Welsh interest in “Cwm Hyfryd” (the name given in 1885 to the valley where Trevelin lies by the astonished explorers who had never witnessed such natural beauty). Attendees should preferably have completed SSIW Level 1.

Please have a look at these videos:

There will be options to extend your stay and see other parts of Welsh Patagonia.

The numbers will be limited, so please get your reply in early! The total cost of the course (excluding airfares) is expected to be less than £1,200.

For an information pack, please send an email to, with your name, gender, age, email address, any dietary requirements, address and home town in Wales (if you have one). Please also indicate your level of Welsh learning/fluency.

Any profit made from the course will be put back into the school and used exclusively for the teaching of the Welsh language in Patagonia.


There was a link to another video in a ‘dropbox’ in the original information, but it doesn’t display properly here.

EDIT: Jeremy has uploaded the video to YouTube now, so you can view it at Ysgol y Cwm instead

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This sounds like an excellent opportunity! I don’t think I’ll get away with it with a new born but it looks fantastic!

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Travelling with a newborn is heaps easier than travelling with a toddler. My daughter was 10 days old when she had her first international flight :slight_smile:

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Let me re-word that, I can guess Emma’s reply to my question when I ask if we can go…:rofl: