Falling off the wagon

Noswaith dda- I’m coming back to SSiW after a big old gap…around 4 months due to person/professional reasons. I was going well before and chuffed with my progress but have struggled to get back in to a routine, despite trying to speak Welsh every day. How do people motivate themselves to get back on the wagon? I need a rocket up my butt!

Bore da, Emilia!

At which Level/Challenge did you stop?

I’m sure we can all add something later, but to start with a few links I remember, where other learners have shared how they keep themselves motivated (sometimes to get back on the wagon, sometimes not to fall off…but I guess they might all help finding inspiration).

p.s. just a side note, seeing your name: I’m hoping to put together a small group of Italian-speaking (all levels) Welsh learners to chat from time to time…er…cutting English off completely (or almost). :grin: So if you happen to speak Italian and might be interested, let me know! :slight_smile:


So jealous! This is a great idea!

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Well of course it starts out of self-intertest, because learning a language through a second language is always harder.

But also, specifically for Welsh, I had already noticed how confusing English is for phonetics and a few other things, like relative clauses for example. :dizzy_face:

And when I tried Duolingo again recently, and saw most of my mistakes were in Welsh to English sentences, I realized that also for the main structures/sequences the jump is way bigger than straight from Italian!
Such an useless effort…not helping fluency for sure!

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