Fallen behind

I have fallen behind due to illness and then the catch of jobs not done due to all householders being unwell… I am three weeks behind… how do I catch up!

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I have too, by many many weeks. I’m not sure how to catch up either. Sorry if I’m on the wrong bit, but not sure how to use this forum.

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One thing you @vicki-hon and @delyth-burke might do is sending an email to admin@saysomethingin.com and ask to pause your course.
So you can take the time you need to do the lessons and tasks of the previous weeks.

I’m not in a structured course, so I’m just reporting what I’ve heard from other people in similar situations.
If this sounds like a good solution for you, it means this was a good way to use the forum! :wink:

In any case, there’s no exams or deadlines here, so I would say…don’t worry, and if you have other questions, just ask! :slight_smile:


Thank you gisella-albertini

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Hi, I have been on a structured course and I am glad you came to the forum to ask about how to catch up, and that you got the right info from @gisella-albertini about pausing the course.

What I would say, @vicki-hon and @delyth-burke is that if you have an opportunity, while on your break, to get yourself set up with access to the Slack workspace (and your tech allows it - my laptop can’t but my phone & tablet do) then you’ll have access to more help and support through that.

This includes discussion channels, for help from tutors & fellow students and any help you may need to get on group video sessions.

One sort of video session is a question & answer session in English, the others are invaluable live chat sessions in Welsh, and the links are there to watch these on YouTube if you’re unsure about whether, or unable, to participate yourself. Good luck with getting back on your rollercoaster Welsh-learning ride! The initial effort will pay off with fun and success!