Eternal Subscription // Tanysgrifiad tragwyddol

So, I’m about to finish level 1 and I have already done Course 1 of south welsh. I am looking at all the options (subscription and 6 month course, etc) and I think I would like to go with the subscription. However, I would much prefer to do a one-off payment for eternal access? I would happily pay 300GBP or more for something like that (or even a bit more for future polyglot options). Anyway, is there a possibility of an option like that?

Oh, and by the way. Diolch yn fawr iaim am y gwersi! Dw i’n synnu at faint dw i 'di dysgu yn barod a hoffen i ddysgu pob y gyrsiau yn fuan.

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I’m kind of wary of options like that, because they technically leave us needing to bring new learners in all the time - and I’m a big fan of models that allow us to focus heavily on our existing learners - but it’s not impossible… just that we’re a bit busy at the moment getting the 6 month and 2 year stuff all running smoothly and predictably at the moment!

I’ll have a word with Ifan today, and see how much the thought makes him scream… :wink:

What about yearly subscription? Would it do @daeld-daeldia if existed? This would be fairly good resolution for both - for what @aran says above and for what you’d actually (kind of) want.

(just pondering my thoughts as always).