Essential Skills Wales qualifications

The Welsh government is requiring us to do some of them as a part of my Accountancy course and I’m fairly sure that they can be done in either Welsh or English.

So, does anyone have any experience with these (in Welsh)?
And am I absolutely crazy in thinking that doing the Communications qualification in Welsh would be a good idea?

I teach 'em!

The standards are definitely available in Welsh. one of the reasons my workplace has paid for some of my Welsh learning is with the intent of me being able to assess them in Welsh.

What level are they wanting you to do? At Level 2, the most common for apprenticeship type course the Cmmunications one requires you to:

Produce two documents of different types and for different audiences if at least 500 words long. (And I really don’t recommend longer because the grammar etc has to be effectively 100% perfect). You need to show drafting and evidence of making your own corrections and of planning the thing before you start.

Give a four minute talk

“Read and summarise for a purpose” two 500 documents of different types/purposes (e.g comparing factual with opinion). Usually this one is combined with one of the above tasks to save time - so the summary is the PPoint you use for your talk or similar.

Level 3 is broadly similar but longer more complex documents on both the reading and writing side. Level 1 is shorter docs and no talk.

I find the adult literacy standards very very similar to the Language learning standards overall so think it would be a definite worthwhile thing for a confident-ish Welsh learner to do them in Welsh.

Thanks Leia for the input. It would be Level 3.

I’m already more than confident with my English skills and know that I’ll be frustrated and feel like it’s a complete waste of time. (I did Level 2 through the job centre in about two days)

And honestly, it doesn’t actually matter if I pass or not. The Accounting qualification is completely separate from the ESW and I’ll earn that regardless of the ESW in Communications, ICT and Working Effectively with Others.

Passing/Failing shouldn’t be a factor as the nature of the portfolio based assessment ought to be (with any decent provider) that you can resubmit with corrections as needed.

Indeed SHOWING the paper trail of corrections is supposed to be an assessed part of it.