Esgyrn gan Calfari

Oh wow! Diolch for posting! I wrote the original post and can hand on heart say that Esgwrn is my all time favourite song. I was gutted to find out that you had disbanded - I found out after your last concert and was :open_mouth::weary:

Do you think you could post the lyrics? There have been several versions/iterations posted but it would fantastic to have the official ones straight from the :horse: mouth as it were!

Also, your album, Gorwelion, is on constant play on Spotify during my commute to work, and has helped improved my Welsh no end - diolch yn fawr iawn!

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I think we posted at the same time - this is ansparadigaethus! Diolch yn fawr!

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Diolch am ddod yma Bryn, pob lwc efo Luna Cove.

Genuinely star struck - lush!

Wow! Never imagined we would have the lead singer on here!
Diolch yn fawr am dy gerddoriaeth, Bryn, a pob dymuniad da ar gyfer y dyfodol.

Yeah… so Luna Cove is like my new favourite band! When will they be on Spotify?!!

On twitter and facebook so far I think.