Er lhiam & Ta mee smooinaghtyn - Gaelg (Manx - Course 1 Lesson 5)

Haia - Dwi wedi dechrau dysgu Gaelg (gwers 5) - beth yw’r wahaniaeth rhwng ‘er-lhiam’ ac ‘ta mee smooinaghtyn’. Diolch

Ren mee goaill tosaight dy ynsagh loayrt Gaelg. Lesh anchaslys eddyr ‘er lhiam’ as ‘ta mee smooinaghtyn’? Gura mie mooar ayd. (Ta mee er nynsagh ram Gaelg hannah ayns traa gerrid! Ta mee feer vaynrey.)

What’s the difference between the 2 ways to say ‘I think’ in Manx? Thanks.


Dim o gwbl mewn gwirionedd, dwi´n meddwl :
*** er-lhiam = (it seems) to me, for my part, in my opinion, I´d say … etc.
*** ta mee smooinaghtyn = lit. I´m thinking, I think (that) …
The first is more of an idiomatic verbal ´punctuation mark´, at the very least it gives you a second or two to try to figure out what you want to say. The second can be used like this too, but is also a straightforward opening, e.g. va mee smooinaghtyn jea … ¨I was thinking yesterday …¨


Diolch am y cwestiwn ac am yr ateb! On i wedi cael yr un cwestiwn ac amau yr un peth fel ateb, ond mae’n neis iawn cael ymateb clir. A gweld bod na rhywun arall sy’n profi’r un problem.

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Just tagging @adriancain in here for confirmation from a Manx speaker… :slight_smile:

An excellent explanation above.
If you want to say ‘I am thinking in Manx’ it would have to be ‘ta mee smooinaghtyn ayns Gaelg’
‘er-lhiam’ can often be used at the end of a sentence too:
‘Ta mee feer vaynrey loayrt Gaelg, er-lhiam!’
Loving the phrase ‘idiomatic verbal punctuation mark’!