Enjoyable lessons

I’ve enjoyed the first three lessons, and cannot wait for lesson 5. So disappointed to have to wait a week though. I feel as though I’m just getting going.


Mmmm… you shouldn’t have to wait a week for the ‘one sentence’ stuff - they should come once a day for the first five days - if that doesn’t happen, let us know… :slight_smile: Great to hear you’re off to such a good start!


Sorry, my mistake. I have done the first five lessons, and am disappointed that I have to wait a week for the next lesson. I’m word perfect on the first sentence.


Ah, right - you should now be able to navigate into ‘Challenges’ and get going on the meatier stuff - the reminders for the ‘one sentence’ are just a kind of revision thing - no reason at all for you not to jump into the main stuff now, either on your own or via the 6 minute a day or 6 month courses: www.saysomethingin.com/welsh/structured-courses :slight_smile:

I suspect is already doing the challenges (lessons), since he was asking about how to find number 2 when he couldn’t find the mail any more?

In which case the question is probably if it’s ok to go forward instead of waiting for the next e-mail…but @roy-james can confirm this or not!

p.s. I had posted this in the wrong thread!