Engwelshisms [reverse Wenglishisms]

The son of a friend of mine talked about “popty ping pubs”. He’s English and has never lived, nor spent much time, in Wales.

He told me that his friends use it as a derogatory term for a pub which does not cook its food but imports pre-cooked individual meals in bags, which they then heat up in a microwave!

He did not know how or when the expression started but said its use is spreading.


I’ve heard that in Radnorshire. :slight_smile:


My favourite of these I heard when working in Merthyr. They’d say “leave me go” or “leave me know” instead of “let”. Which in Welsh can be “gadael imi”


As someone from Merthyr I can definitely recognise this (“leave me go”) although I had never thought twice about it until now. Are we the only area to say it?


I’d not heard it before I worked at PCH and it tended to be people from Merthyr and Merthyr Vale that said it. I worked at the Royal Glam before that and work in Cardiff now and haven’t heard it in either of those places. So it could well be a Merthyrism :slight_smile:

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cutch in the Vale of Evesham used to mean ‘hug’…same origins as cwtsh…may be linked to Welsh migration to that area in Victorian times (or maybe co-evolved as cwtsh maybe from French coucher)

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When I say “he went back the way”,people here in East England tell me they’ve never heard that before…is it from Wales? or just a needless shortening by me? I have heard other Welshies use it

That ‘back theway’ is common here in mid-Argyll, Scotland. ‘down the way, up the way…’ etc.

I hear that “leave” for “let/allow” in English a lot here too. (Swansea)


I was trying to work out which of my friends says “leave”, when I heard myself saying it :frowning: