Email in Spanish - need a reply!

Hi folks,
I’ve received an email which, despite me only having a handful of words in Spanish, I think I actually understand the gist of :upside_down_face: .
It is, I believe, a courtesy email informing me that someone had used one of my images in a project:
Buenas Siaron James,
Voy (estoy) usando tu imágen (“Indecision”: para ilustrar mi escrito “¡ROMPE! ¡ROMPE MI PENA!” (, aplicando la licencia bajo la que la mantienes (
Si no tienes inconveniente alguno, la seguiré usando para ilustrar mi obra.
Gracias, y saludos,
Could someone translate for me just to check?
Also, I would like to reply just to say something like “You are welcome, thank you for your courtesy in letting me know”.
Can anyone tell me how to write that in Spanish?

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Dear Siaron

I am going to be (am already) using your image […] for my project […] in accordance with the licence you have applied to it […] If you have no objections I will continue to use it to illustrate my work. Thank you & Hello.

I’ll leave the reply to someone with more fluent Spanish!


Great, that’s what I thought it was saying :-D, thanks Richard.

I would put - No hay de que. Le agradezco por tener la cortesía de avisarme.


excellent, thanks Dee :smiley: