Eisteddfod yr Urdd Meirionydd (Bala) 26 - 31 Mai

Starting a thread for anyone who is planning on visiting the Urdd Eisteddfod in Bala the last week in May, with hopes of possibly meeting up with other SSiWers.

You can find out all about the Urdd Eisteddfod here -

Aran, myself and the kids will be visiting Chester Zoo on Monday the 26th and then travelling to the Eisteddfod on Tuesday morning the 27th for the day. We will be accompanied by Geraint (Gruntius) Scourfield, his wife and kids and my brother, partner and kids. If anyone else is around on that day and would like to meet for a ‘hello’ over lunch then please let us know.

Should be a big day out for anyone there, From what I remember Wynne Evans will be on site with events to mark the arrival of the Queens Baton for the Commonweath |Games

Just giving this a little bump. As Catrin said, we’re going on Tuesday 27th. It would be great to have an impromptu SSiW gathering over some lunch.

Right. Campsite booked. Tegwen and I will be there Tuesday and Wednesday. She’s not competing this year (taking a year off due to school stuff), so we’re looking forward to just enjoying ourselves!
I’m really looking forward to it - Eisteddfod yr Urdd is always a big highlight of the year for me! :slight_smile:

Bala looks wonderful - all the Urdd Pavilion stuff is up, flags everywhere in all the villages around it too. I will be avoiding it next week as I am driving back and forth from Emlyn twice a week to Flintshire to visit Mum in hospital and I just know I will get stuck in the Urdd traffic, so it will be Llangurig, Newtown and Welshpool for me! Fingers crossed the weather is fine - Bala is a fab little town

Will be outside S4C at midday for anyone wants to meet for lunch!

Hi, Catrin, Aran, Geraint! Wish I were there. I miss you! Have been a bit lazy lately with Welsh. But I will resume soon.This evening I spent a long time reading my emails to family and friends from the two weeks I spent in Wales. Relived the day to day… looking at the pics with nostalgia…Have fun!

A break is never a problem, Joan - especially not for someone with as much of the language as you have…:slight_smile:

Rob, I’m 93% sure I saw your back about 150 yards off at one point on Tuesday - but my acceleration was somewhat hampered by the way in which the thick layer of mud on the soles of my boots interacted with the thick layer of mud on the floor. You’ll be pleased to know I didn’t actually fall over, though.

I spotted Geraint’s beard at one point while I was busy with something else, went over to introduce myself but he was gone. I thought that we were sure to bump into you all sooner or later, but we didn’t. Shame.
Was at the drama medal ceremony today and the winner was sitting right by us. For some reason this cynical, seen-it-all-before middle aged bloke got all excited by that. Maybe it was the optimism of youth rubbing off on me. Perhaps that’s why I love going to the Urdd Eisteddfod!

For some reason this cynical, seen-it-all-before middle aged bloke got all excited by that.


Our adventure begun 8am Monday morning, with two very excited kids, a picnic and my trusted shopping trolley in the back of the car and the TomTom set for Chester Zoo.

When there we met with Geraint (Gruntius) Scourfield, his wife Tracey, their two kids, my brother Ifan, his other half Olwen and their two girls - it was an expedition!

Surrounded by 11,000 creatures from 4,000 different species and much bank holiday madness, we saw and discussed animals in both Welsh and English had a fabulous day in the company of good people, which ended in a local family pub that served the most indulgent ice cream sundaes… ever!

After dinner the Jones clan retired to the Holiday Inn on the A55, where I snuggled down for the night with an exhausted Angharad and Beuno and a rather large Merlot! Aran went to meet Geraint and Carrie Harper at the famous Saith Seren in Wrecsam for a social evening and a long overdue catch up.

Tuesday was our Eisteddfod day. Following a hearty breakfast, our beautiful cross country drive down to Bala was only an hour, so we arrived fairly promptly to lots of mud, and smiles all round from Karen and Crispin Goswell who we bumped in to by the main entrance.

Whilst Aran went to the S4C presentation I went with my brother to do the ritual (45min) queuing for Cyw show tickets - such a chore, but so essential!

We had a great day on the maes, coming across so many old school and uni friends, learners and oversized teddy bears, having faces painted and then smeared with ice creams, getting to sit in Sam Tan’s (real) fire engine, dancing with the stars of Cyw and buying a new bedtime story book each. :wink:

Aran also had the pleasure of meeting up with Lyn who so kindly presented him with the most beautiful hand made mosaic (will post a picture soon) all her own work and quite breathtaking! We’re now looking forward to finding pride of place for it in our home - it really is stunning.

It was an extremely muddy and slippery day, but otherwise warm and dry and despite being both completely shattered and unbelievably filthy by home time, we’d had a brilliant day.

The day ended with a take away, wine and much child oriented chaos at the home of our old friends Mabon and Nia and their three kids, in the beautiful village of Llandrillo, where we were spending the night. This is one of the very special things about the Eisteddfod, the opportunity to spend time with dear friends and family whom you don’t get the chance to see all that often.

On Wednesday we came home ‘the long way round’ up the coast via Dolgellau, Bermo, then lunch and HUGE ice creams in Harlech (served to us by a very friendly Welsh learner) looking out over the most spectacular views towards home. :slight_smile:

It’s good to be home, but it was wonderful to be able to spend time with so many lovely people, and this afternoon we get to do it all again as we wander to Aberdaron for a barbecue with Andy Lowe, his wife Sharon and their kids who are holidaying there in their touring caravan! X

I went with my brother to do the ritual (45min) queuing for Cyw show tickets

The clue is in the name! I always wondered why they called it that.

Because ‘cyw’ is a very common term of endearment, particularly for children…:smile: