Eisteddfod Sir Fynwy 2016

Will SSiW have a presence at the Eisteddfod this year>

Certainly an unofficial one. I’ve volunteered for 4 hours a day, every day, in Maes D.


Not planning to run a stall (it’s inappropriately expensive for us), but Catrin and I will be there for the week - and I’m sure Iestyn and Cat will be around for a chunk of it - when we’re a bit closer to it, we can try and figure out how to do some SSiW meetups… :sunny:

Would Coleg Gwent be willing to allow space for SSiW in Maes D?

I don’t know, but we had space in Maes D for a couple of years a few years back (when we were sharing with Hwb) and we heard that there were people who weren’t happy that we weren’t paying - so I don’t think we’d be all that keen to put ourselves in that position again…