Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Tregaron 2022

Some really exciting news here from Jenny who lives in Australia and is a friend of Angharad, the lead singer with Calan. They have been collaborating on a musical programme for the Eisteddfod and Jenny will be there with her band to perform with Angharad!

I began learning Welsh in 2020 so that my band from Melbourne could remotely collaborate with Angharad Jenkins (Calan) and the National Eisteddfod. Now my band, Bush Gothic, have been invited toWales in August to perform at the Eisteddfod with Angharad. To promote our performance we have released our fourth single, Bwmba. It is a Welsh language song with English subtitles so I thought may be of interest to the broader SSIW community.

I’ve had a quick search of the programme but I haven’t found what day and time they will be performing. If anyone has better eyes than me and can spot it, please post the information :slight_smile:

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Bush Gothic will be playing Ty Gwerin (the folk tent) in Tregaron on Aug 04, 2022 at 3.30pm


An update from Jenny of Bush Gothic:

August 4th

1PM - Jenny and Angharad will be chatting in Maes D.
3:30PM - Bush Gothic will perform together with Angharad Jenkins on fiddle in Tŷ Gwerin

Brand new show by Fflur Dafydd, with songs by Griff Lynch and Lewys Wyn, starring Sam Ebenezer, Lynwen Haf Roberts, Gruffydd Rhys Davies, Miri Llwyd and the Eisteddfod Choir. Astronaut Lleuwen Jones battles to find a balance between love and commitment, duty and ambition, nation and space. Buy tickets here!

Join us in the Pavilion for an evening of congregational singing, as we enjoy some of our favourite hymns together. The conductor is Delyth Hopkins Evans and the organist, Iestyn Evans. Buy tickets here!

A new and unexpected look at the old tale of Maes Gwyddno and the lost cantref in the company of Ceredigion YFC. Despite the challenges the young crew face in re-entering life and socialising, the bells ring to celebrate our continuation of living three years in one. Buy tickets here!

Join an exciting musical adventure for the whole family in the company of Nel, the imaginative, mischievous star of Na, Nel!, the hugely popular book series by Meleri Wyn James. Will Nel save the world? Come and find out in our late afternoon prom on the Pavilion stage! Buy tickets here!

Warning! If you’re rather narrow-minded or find it hard to have fun and be just a little bit flippant and frivolous at times, you won’t want to know about the amazing show that’s on its way to the Pafiliwn - THE PAFILIWN!!! - this year. With the usual suspects in charge, we’ve got no idea what to expect, but apparently, they’ve been busy writing and ‘doing things’ for some time… You have been warned! Buy tickets here!

Gig y Pafiliwn is back, and the biggest stage on the Eisteddfod Maes is set to explode with a combination of the best of Welsh bands and the Welsh Pops Orchestra, presented by top Welsh DJ Huw Stephens. There’s no better way to end our Pavilion evening programme than with Gwilym, Adwaith, Mellt and Alffa, the orchestra and an amazing sound system! Buy tickets here!

Maes tickets and Pavilion season tickets are now on sale on-line. And you can print your tickets at home or use your smartphone to enter the Maes as part of our sustainability strategy to achieve zero net emissions and zero waste by 2025.

If you can’t get to the Eisteddfod yourself, watch for day trips organised by local groups, e.g. Menter Iaith, such as this one from Sir Benfro:

Menter Iaith Sir Benfro - Bus to the Eisteddfod - Places limited

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I have exciting news! Some of you may have already heard that I am coming to Wales for the Eisteddfod this year, so Nia had the idea of arranging a live, in-the-flesh gig for me. The idea of a gig turned into a Noson Lawen, with confirmed performers of yours truly and Teulu Ap Dafydd, along with other guests.

The Noson Lawen will be on Monday night, August 1st, in the Tafarn Dyffryn Aeron in Lampeter. It is set to start at 8pm, and entry is free!


I’ll be there Hendrick. :grinning: I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing you and y Teulu ap Dafydd again.
(Please leep a look out for the bit of the pub wall I painted :laughing:)


We’ll have to get there early @HuwJones! I suspect it may be standing room only that night!

Driftwood Designs an Aberystwyth based Company publish and produce gifts, homewares, prints and cards, designed by artist and illustrator Lizzie Spikes. All their own printing is done in Wales and all other products are sourced from British manufacturers.

Lizzie Spikes has recently designed and produced a leaflet which lists Aberystwyth’s many independent retailers. The leaflet includes a beautiful map, making it easy for users to visit each business on the map.

This is a wonderful resource for anyone visiting Aberystwyth this summer, who want to see the best of what local producers, artists and crafters have to offer. Especially those visiting the Eisteddfod in Tregaron, as Aberystwyth is only about thirty five minute’s drive away.

To get your hand on a copy, visit Driftwood Designs on Pier Street.

To see what treasures Driftwood designs have on offer, please visit their website -


Apologies in advance, but Teulu Jones won’t be at the Eisteddfod at all this year I’m afraid. So we won’t be around for any gatherings or reunions.

We’ve building work going on at home - with the last phase happening hopefully in early August, it’s my Mam’s 90th birthday, my nephew is coming home from Vietnam for a short visit after 5 years away, it’s my other nephew’s 40th birthday and Tregaron is a little far for a day visit, especially considering the dog. :wink:

But I hope you all have an absolutely splendid time! :smiley:

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Driftwood Designs have been great supporters of our Online Eisteddfod as well!

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You’ll be missed, but your commitments are absolutely understandable. Enjoy your family events and good luck with the building work. :grinning:

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lovely I’ll be there too. Will be great to see you again. I’ll be down there all week.


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This year’s finalists in the Dysgwr y Flwyddyn competition have been announced!

Huge congratulations to Stephen Bale, Joe Healy, Ben Ó Ceallaigh and Sophie Tuckwood, our four finalists in this year’s Welsh Learner of the Year competition, Find out which one of the fantastic four will win the coveted prize in the ceremony on the Pavilion stage at 15:00 on Wednesday 3 August. The competition is organised in partnership with the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

After a two-year hiatus, this is the Dadeni, as the Eisteddfod arrives in Tregaron. Join us as the creative energy on the Maes explodes on Saturday night, 30 July, with a lantern parade leading visitors to a hidden location on the Maes to marvel at the spectacular Dadeni.
An aerial performance by circus performers with amazing fire effects - something to excite everyone, defying gravity and leaving us all hungry for more, and a huge party in the Pavilion to complete the celebrations. Lantern parade at 22:15, and the show at 22:40. Free entry with a Saturday Maes ticket. Watch our promo here and click here for more.

Maes tickets and Pavilion season tickets are now on sale on-line. And you can print your tickets at home or use your smartphone to enter the Maes as part of our sustainability strategy to achieve zero net emissions and zero waste by 2025.

Don’t miss out! Concert tickets are on sale and selling fast! So if you want to come and enjoy an evening in the Pavilion, get your tickets now! Click here for details of all our Pavilion evening events. Buy tickets here!

An addition to the ‘fringe’ Eisteddfod events that are happening away from the maes! There is an afternoon of music with the Welsh Triple Harp Society see details below. If you are unfamiliar with the triple harp please come. It sounds quite different from other types of harp and nearly died out until championed by Nansi Richards who won at the Eisteddfod in three successive years. Robin Huw Bowen is one of the leading players and all the young harpists with him are incredible.

Lively Concert

with the Triple Harp Ensemble of the Welsh Triple Harp Society

of our national music

with singing, penillion, dancing and clogging

Bwlchgwynt Chapel Hall, Tregaron

4.30pm, Tuesday August 2nd

tickets £5

contact: rhiain@telyn.cymru / robin@teires.com

Does anyone know for certain if the eisteddfod bus from Tregaron to Lampeter will makes stops on the way? Llangybi would be where I would get off (hopefully). I assume that, if buses are full, people would have to make their own way back…?

Mae cwmni Lewis Rhydlewis yn rhedeg y wasanaeth. Lewis Rhydlewis is running the service, you could ring them on Monday? It looks as though the tickets need to be prebooked anyway.

Do you know if Harriet Earis is on the bill?

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