Eisteddfod Genedlaethol speaking competition

For those who are planning to go along to the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol this year there is a learners’ competition just made for SSiWers.

It’s Number 119 in the booklet and it’s for individuals to speak for up to 3 minutes on a topic of their choosing. It can be a personal topic or something from the news - anything really - and you don’t have to decide what you’re going to talk about until nearer the Eisteddfod so plenty of time to think about it and practise. If you’re nervous about standing up in front of a huge crowd, don’t worry. It won’t be in the Pink Pavilion but in the small stage to the side of Maes D, the Learners’ Pavilion.

You need to get your entry in by 1st April to signal your intention to compete, but there is no reading or writing involved, so a great chance for SSiWers to show what they can do!

Download the booklet with the entry form here: http://www.eisteddfod.org.uk/english/2015/maes-d-welsh-learners/competitions-for-learners/

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How absolutely perfect. Every single SSiWer would benefit hugely from giving this a crack of the whip… :sunny:

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Diolch Dee, I competed in this same competition two years ago and it was a formative experience for me, cannot recommend it highly enough, I hope we are queuing out of door on the day. Missed the date last year but will be in this time around, I intend to talk about Max Boyce’s favourite subject - blind Irish referees…(only joking, mun)


When is it held?

Good question! There isn’t a timetable in the entry booklet, which isn’t very helpful. I’ve emailed Catrin at the Eisteddfod and she usually responds quite quickly so I’ll post here as soon as I know.

Well, Catrin replied immediately but not with the most useful information. Evidently they can’t plan exactly when things will happen until they know how many entries they have in each event … which in my opinion is not a good way to run things. How can people enter if they don’t know ahead of time when they will need to be there?

But she did say that the speaking competition should take place some time during Thursday or possibly Friday morning. I hope that helps.

If you need to know anything else email catrin@eisteddfod.org.uk and I’m sure you’ll get a very quick answer.

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Dyma’r ateb a dderbynais oddi wrth Catrin
Here is the reply I received from Catrin

Helo Norman,

Mae angen gweld faint sy’n cystadlu cyn cynllunio amserlen y cystadlaethau i gyd yn Maes D, felly nid ydw i’n gallu dweud yn union pa ddiwrnod ac amser eto. Ar ôl 1 Mai, byddaf yn gallu dweud.

Y rheswm am hyn yw, yn Eisteddfod Dinbych, roedd 13 Grwp canu, ac llynedd, roedd 6. Felly, os oes cymaint a 13 yn cystadlu eleni yn y grwp canu, bydd angen symud rhai cystadlaethau i fore dydd Gwener.

Byddai modd i chi gysylltu efo fi cychwyn mis Mai? Bydd gen i fanylion penodol ac amser adeg hynny.



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Yes, so basically they hope it will be the Thursday, but they put the singing groups on first and if there are lots of those the speaking competition could get pushed through to Friday morning.

At least that gives everyone a bit of an idea. :slight_smile:

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So is this like giving a presentation (and without notes?).

TBH, that’s quite difficult even in one’s first language, without training and/or lots of practice.

Conversation is different, as you get stimulus and cues.

(Not that I want to discourage anyone).

It doesn’t say that you can’t use notes, but I doubt you could actually read it.

@stuartstanton Did you use notes when you entered? What about the other competitors?

Dee, no just stood there and delivered, as did the other four competitors, part of it I had memorized, the rest was two steps away from improvisation…have posted my entry of this morning and don’t forget, if anyone is around on the Tuesday in the bandstand eating drinking area I’d be glad to see you for a birthday drink -6pm

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Pob lwc Stuart! Hope it goes well for you.