Eisteddfod 2015 - Camping

Are the main camp/caravan site and maes B camp site in separate locations and, if so, do the facilities differ significantly? Maes B camping tickets seem to include free access to the main maes during the day and all maes B concerts. Caravan site bookings seem to include nothing except a spot to pitch your tent and then tickets are required for the main maes and maes B. Have I understood the set-up correctly and how does the atmosphere differ from the Cymdeithas yr Iaith camp which, I believe, is setting up at the local rugby club this year?

Is there usually a shop/kiosk on site selling basics like bread and milk or would that require a stroll up the A495 to Meifod?

Answers to these questions and any other tips from seasoned and battle-hardened eisteddfod campaigners appreciated.

Thanks, for that, Hywel! I was looking for camping in the area. Question do I have to be a member of Cymdeithas as my membership lapsed last year?


Carafan site is now sold out, although there are some tent pitches left. The Maes B campsite can get a bit rowdy in the early hours. Having read the info on the Cymdeithas site, it appears that there will be breakfasts available in the mornings and fast food available in the evenings.

I think the answer to your question, Kim, is no. It’s the Rugby club that’s providing the camping, not Cymdeithas itself.

There is still availability here…


“A luxury Eisteddfod glamping site immediately next door to the Eisteddfod itself. Cosy bell tents for up to 4 guests + on site kitchen and campsite facilities.”

But you’ll need a healthy budget!

Little wonder that they still have availability. Seven hundred and fifty pounds is just plain greedy. :open_mouth:


Great, I’ll be able to stay for a couple of days…

I stayed in a B&B not far from Meifod in 2003 - well, for one night, until I found out that they hadn’t just put their prices up for the Eisteddfod week, they’d only put them up for people they knew were going to the Eisteddfod! There were some American tourists staying who were paying about half what I was - so I left and spent the week on a sofa (which was much more fun, as it happens) :sunny:

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I was on site at Meifod last week comments on the ‘Party’ page and pictures on www.gilydd.com I have stayed on Maes b for last two years, slept like the proverbial log both times…low cost food and drinks are provided there as well. Hwyl!

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We’ll be there from Weds to Sunday. Hope to see you there!

My tent is marked out by the flags of Cymru, Jamaica and Uruguay (don’t ask) should be a bike round a bout as well this is going to be one brilliance of a week

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