East Anglian Meetups ( Cambridge and Norfolk) Summer 2018

Cambridge - 19.45 hours at the Panton Arms, CB2 Tuesday June 26th… @Deborah-SSi

Norfolk ( East Dereham) The King’s Arms , Norwich Street at 7.30pm Wed June 27th

all welcome


Will there be any meetups in July and August @maynard?

hi Dee @Deborah-SSi , yes there will be , i ll go for
Cambridge, the Alma ( subject to students watching sports!) on Tuesday 24th July at 7.45 ( new timings thanks to train time table changes) , and then Norfolk…Thursday ( this time) 26th July at 7.30pm at the Kings Head , East Dereham ( as per usual)

Also ‘Welsh Picnic’ Angelsey Abbey, Cambridgeshire , Sat 1st September at 12.30pm


I’m wondering whether anything is happening again in Cambridge?

Nothing that we’re aware of at the moment - see Post-Pandemic Meetups for the current list - but you’re welcome to start a new topic and see if others in the area are interested in starting a meetup.

Hi Chris we meet online Zoom every Monday evening at 7.30. I used to organise the monthly meet ups pre Lockdown, but i’m now too busy looking after my elderly parents to restart the Cambridge meet up in the pubs. If you on facebook there is Cymry Caergrawnt. You could start there

Thanks for your helpful replies. I’ve also hooked up with Cymdeithas Y Mabinogi - Cambridge University Welsh Society who tell me that

we’re hoping to hold bi-weekly “Welsh cafes” in the coming month or so

so looking positive so far.

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