Dysgu yn y Gymraeg

Just to let you know that I am currently home schooling my 6 year old in Welsh. I did not know how valuable learning Welsh would be as it is helping maintain some nornality with her learning.


That is amazing, Neil! Times are difficult enough without having language shock to add to it, and at 6, your kid is just starting to get a handle on what the real world does with language. Being able to use Welsh as part of the home schooling process will make such a difference to your child’s perception of the language, and form one more special bond between you.

Da iawn ti, a llongyfarchiadau - you’ve done a huge amount of work to be able to do what you’re doing now. Awesome!


Now I think of it, Neil - what kind of materials are you using to home school? There’s loads on the web, of varying quality, of course. My youngest is 7 so only just older than yours, so we might be able to share some ideas.

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Here in Suffolk we’re in full lockdown, but this week, via Houseparty, I’ve given my 7 year old granddaughter two half hour Welsh lessons and we’re planning another one for tomorrow afternoon. She’s interested and, like any child of that age, has the ability to acquire language quickly. I’m using home-made material at the moment, emailing it across for printing before the lesson.