Dysgu Cymraeg courses

Thank you both for your advice. I have enrolled as you suggest.

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Diolch yn fawr, Deborah. I’ve just spent a year learning Cornish in an online evening class (I passed Grade One!) and this looks like an excellent way to refresh my Welsh. Stay well all.

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Who attended one of these courses? Do you have any feedback? Any advice for others considering something similar in the future?

I’ve got my first session of Canolradd1 tonight, having just finished level 3 SSIW. Looking forward to it, but aware I will need to knuckle down with the reading & writing!


I started Uwch 2 part 1 last night. This is 2 hours a week for a year with Cardiff. We started well with the introductions. Then we lost the tutor. Perils of online courses. We had a good time just talking for the rest of the session, but I expect that we will have to do some real work next week.

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I did the Rustbusting/Lluchio’r llwch course at the weekend and really enjoyed it! :slight_smile: There was lots of opportunity to chat with others and a good blend of light and more formal/grammar based materials. I felt it was a really good preparation for restarting the new term :slight_smile: I think there is a worry that some learners who do the formal courses don’t practice outside of the classroom and therefore they don’t get much practice over the summer. Even some of the learners who live in Wales said they they don’t get the opportunity to practice outside of the classroom, so I always mention Welsh Speaking Practice to them - so hopefully you’ll have had some more requests to join WSP! :slight_smile: I wonder if there is a way of promoting WSP to Dysgu Cymraeg so that they let all their students know about it? :thinking: I’ve also done other weekend and summer courses like this with Dysgu Cymraeg and can really recommend them! :slight_smile: And I nearly forgot to mention that lots of them are free! :slight_smile:

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Good point! I’ll pass that one along :slight_smile:

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I’ve done two sessions so far of Canolradd 1 with Goleg Gwent (having completed SSiW level 2, plus Old Course 1) and have been really enjoying them. I think for me it will work well to continue with SSiW alongside so as to get the benefits of both methods. The SSiW method works brilliantly in that I learn the material more quickly and remember it better, and I enjoy the more traditional “classroom” aspects with Dysgu Cymraeg of more writing, grammar and explanation as you go along.

Although I’m not always sure how to fit it all together, I’ve found the SSiW training in “just go with it and trust the process” absolutely invaluable! If my brain feels a bit scrambled at times I know that’s a sign that learning is happening and the pieces will all fall into place over time.

I also really recommend the Rustbusters courses - I did the Sylfaen in preparation for starting Canolradd 1 and it was very good.

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Since @Deborah-SSi is asking for feedback…

I couldn’t decide what to do or even if I should join a course, or maybe go for some 1:1 lessons, or just go on almost entirely self-thought as I had done so far.

Last week I was invited by a tutor I know from Duolingo discussion groups and Dysgu Cymraeg Gwent to just try a lesson.
In the past I had enjoyed a few random lessons as special guest - one Mynediad in Aberteifi, a couple of virtual Sylfaen with the same tutor, Calan Mai one-day Canolradd course with a different tutor.
And it had been interesting experiences, so I thought “well, why not?”

The course had already started one or two weeks ago, but I joined them yesterday.
Turns out Level is Uwch 2. And I have to say I really enjoyed it!
It was three hours, so I was a bit tired in the end, but I did ok, and also the tutor said I did very well.
It was challenging enough to make interesting, but nothing way too complicated.
So I think I’m going to stay.

Well, it was just one lesson, so there may be times through the year when I feel a bit more lost. :sweat_smile:

But at the moment I would say @nia.llywelyn and Cetra’s suggestion to aim high is definitely a good tip! :wink:


That’s great, @gisella-albertini, well done! Definitely “aim high” is the way to go.