Dyddiadur o neb (struggles with short form verbs)

I am working my way through Gwers 3 (Southern) and finding it difficult to remember “coming” and “going” in their short forms (past and future). Just musing with the words coming and going reminded me of “The Diary of a Nobody” two of the main characters being Cummings and Gowing and prompted to me to set myself some challenges in Welsh - one of the positive legacies of the 10 day Bootcamp. Firstly I am going to make myself persevere with the Welsh diary i started in the summer, then I am not going to allow myself to dip into any of my fairly extensive collection of books unless I can first translate the title and first sentence into Welsh. I like and need challenges which fit my circumstances so I’ll see how this goes. Am I nuts?

So I won’t be able to use the crazy dancing chicken emoticon…Unless you ask.

Everybody benefits from setting themselves goals - good luck with it! :sunny:

Sounds like my kind of bird dinas and I can write about it in my diary!


Diolch yn fawr iawn dinas.

Doug, you might enjoy (if you haven’t come across it already), “Bywyd Blodwen Jones” (+ 2 sequels) in the Nofelau Nawr series. Blodwen is a Welsh learner whose new year’s resolution was to write a diary in Welsh, so the book is told in the form of a diary.

These books are compact, inexpensive, fairly light-hearted and a fun way to pick up new words I find.

(& thanks for reminding me of “Diary of a Nobody”. Great little book! :slight_smile: )

No, not nuts! It’s a good idea.

Thanks for the suggestion mikeellwood, I will certainly get these and give them a go. I can only take my written Welsh in small bites at the moment and this structure sounds ideal. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Hi, you have my sympathies, It’s not only coming and going that are difficult in Crws 3, for me it’s saying/telling, doing and seeing! I found it a real struggle to have to relearn the tenses after Crws 2, but guess it’s practice that we need in real conversations:).
By the way, is there a specific Crws 3 forum? I thought there was, but I can no longer find it.
Hwyl am y tro!

Glad to know I’m not the only one Jan. I have found them all difficult too and realised that I was no longer using the previously learned tense structures, even when appropriate, when I met up with my friend and fellow learner, Anne for our fortnightly “sgwrs” over coffee. You’re absolutely right when you emphasise the importance of real conversations as they necessitate thinking more widely over everything we’ve learned before speaking. Despite this I came away from our meeting feeling pretty pleased as we’d talked for over an hour almost entirely in Welsh.

Sorry Jan, I didn’t even try to answer your question about the Forum, but I don’t know if there is a specific Cwrs 3 section.

If you’re doing this, you’re a Welsh speaker - everything else is just minor details - huge congratulations! :star2:

You’re right Doug - we did speak for more than an hour - and apart from 2 topics where we gave up and spoke English briefly (I still don’t think I could tell you about the oil tank etc in Welsh!) it was all in Welsh. And Aran’s right - you are a Welsh speaker!

Heia Jan

Your question has been answered in the thread you started called Cwrs 3 Fforwm?



Diolch yn fawr iawn Anne. You and Aran are “too kind,” but I did come away from Belford yesterday feeling much more confident. You really have helped tremendously.

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