Drefach-Felindre meetup?

Hello, I have heard rumours of a learners’ meetup at the Woollen Museum cafe in Drefach-Felindre at 11 am on Thursdays. Is that something anyone here knows about please?

I will be nearby next Thurs (visiting Wales!) and would be great to have learners or encouraging people to try speaking cymraeg with.

(Muddling through Challenge 23 (South), hoping to finish Ch 24 & Ch25 before Thurs, and then move on to the second Level after the holiday.)

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I don’t know about the specific learners’ meetup, but the majority, if not all, the staff at the Wool Museum and Cafe speak Welsh so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to use your Welsh. I’ve visited several times, and from my experience the staff are very encouraging to those learning Welsh. Enjoy!

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Cheers S_J. Thanks. I might try. =D

Better crack on with those challenges.

Don’t suppose any learner local to that area is free on Thurs morning to meet up at the cafe? So much easier to try speaking to other learners.

I can meet up there at 11am, @alice9. I live in Llandysul which is not far away.

I know about that group on a Thursday morning, but I have to confess I haven’t made it along there yet. I’m not 100% sure if it’s every Thursday, but I can be there anyway so we can find out :slight_smile:


Aww Dee you star! Thank you. See you there. I will send you a pm.


I live locally but do not know about this meet up so will go along to see what it is about.


It will be great to see you there, John!

Hmm, actually, hunting back through old emails to check the time, it looks as if the regular group is on hold across the summer and not starting up again until Sept 14th, but I’m still happy to go along and meet up with both you and Alice, and anyone else who would like to join us :slight_smile:

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Great John, the more the merrier, and the more I can just nod and smile and listen. ;D

Ah thanks for working that out Dee.

And a friend of mine who lives locally wants to come too so at least four already.

Hi Alice, I sometimes attend this meet up which starts at 12 noon for an hour. I will try and get there this week as it keeps running during the summer, so hope to see you

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Thanks Dawn. I’ll plan to stay 12-1 as well then. Look forward to meeting you.

Hi Alice

Just a thought - you may not want to stop for 2 hours!. I will arrive earlier, about 11.30. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone.

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Thanks Dawn =D

See you all there.

Well, first a huge thank you – Dee :star2: and Dawn :star: and all the others I met. :star2::star::star: I was apprehensive before hand but you helped me enjoy trying to speak welsh with you and I’m delighted to have started some new acquaintances ‘all in welsh’ with your encouragement. As Iestyn says in the challenges I can have a basic conversation now and from here it’s all about gradually finding my way into more interesting conversations.

Had an amazing time for my first meet up and everyone was so kind and encouraging in speaking slowly and clearly and bearing with my slightly wacky and confused learner-welsh. :star2::star:

Also managed to hear a bit more proper ‘wild welsh’ with the neighbour of the friends we visited on the way home as well as the chance to practice a little with my friends. I just love hearing and learning a little from the native speakers even when I can only pick out a general tone and maybe a word here or there. :two_hearts:

But SO great to be learning by hearing and speaking, I think the SaySomething approach is brilliant :boom: in its focus on the that and it’s given me the confidence to stick to that for a few years and catch up on reading as and when in the future after I have got much more spoken language, just like when native speakers are learning.


It was great to meet you Alice and you did REALLY well! You can move into second gear now and really start flying.

See you again next time!


Thank you very much Alice, so pleased you enjoyed the meet up. It was lovely to meet you and good fun to chat.

Look forward to the next time!


It was so kind of you and Dee to come to meet me. Trying to work out when we can come over again next.


A pleasure.