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Shwmae. I’m suddenly finding that from Challenge 3, lesson 11 on I cannot download the lessons to ITunes on my computer. Has something changed? Thanks if you can help . Hwyl. Sian

Shwmae Sian!
I have just managed to download Challenges 11-14 of Level 3 (Northern) to my computer without a problem, and they all work in iTunes, so I’m guessing that any problems would’ve been sorted now.
However, if you were trying in the Southern course, they’re only up to Challenge 8 at the moment, so they won’t work!

I would also check that the files are directed to iTunes when you download them. If not, just go to your downloads folder, find the file you want and select ‘Open with…’ from the menu and select iTunes, instead of just ‘Open’ which will just open the file with the default player assigned to the file when downloaded. If you’ve needed to do this to work, chances are you may have accidentally changed the default player for .mp3 files when you last downloaded a file of this type.

Hope this helps you.

Gav :slight_smile:

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