Downloading Course 2 modules onto the iPhone app

Hi all - is anyone please able to advise how I go about getting the Course 2 modules onto my iPhone app? (I was hoping they’d appear after I signed up for Course 2, but they appear to need some prompting).

Many thanks in advance,


Hoping one of our iPhoners will see this - have you ever got other mp3 files onto your iPhone? It is, we are told, definitely possible…:smile:

I found something on StackExchange saying:

In iTunes under the File menu choose Add to Library… and select the songs you want to add to iTunes. When iTunes is done adding the files, sync your iPhone with iTunes on your PC.

Does that sound possible?

Spot on Aran! Once in iTunes just Sync with the device. You can also be selective about which tracks or albums or Artists get synced. I do this because my music collection is huge compared to the space on my iPod, so only SSiW stuff (and selected other Cymraeg files) gets synced to it now.


Hi - if you go to ‘settings’ on the iPhone app go to ‘active course’. Scroll up or down for course 2 then touch ‘done’. Go back ‘lessons’ and each lesson should be available to download. I hope this helps!

Tricia - many thanks for that. There must be a glitch since you downloaded yours. When I go to ‘Active Course’ I am not given the option of ‘Course 2’. Only ‘Course 1’, ‘Weekly Practices’ and ‘Level 1 (new!)’.

Stu - thanks for the tip on getting around it. I’m not a user of iTunes, but if that’s the only way of doing it then I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks, all.

That sounds very much as though you might not be logged in on the app, Jason - sorry to be repeating myself! - have you had a chance to check that?

Does this mean the app is fixed?? I’m still using mine without problems, but only because I refuse to leave the lessons page! Eventually I will need to start downloading new lessons and access the new course but don’t want the app to crash like others have!

I don’t think its has been fixed yet Gavin. I do not believe that the issue has been identified.


Aran - I think you are right in that I am not logged into the app. Should the password be the same as the one on here? If so, it appears that I can’t log in. Sorry to be pain. I’m still getting to grips with the app/site.

It should be the same password, since it’s the same account. There’s been problems with the app for a little while now (it doesn’t play nicely with the latest iOS), so it might just need fixing.

Well, I tried the drastic measure of deleting and re-installing the app - and now it won’t open at all! So don’t try that at home, kids :slight_smile:

Tomorrow will be my first trip on the London underground in the last couple of months where I won’t be looking weird whilst mouthing Welsh to myself listening to my iPhone app… :frowning:

Will try to download some Lessons onto my phone whilst in work tomorrow whilst the app is being fixed.

You should be able to view the site on your phone’s browser and listen that way, or even just use the download button on the site on your phone’s browser, and download them that way. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure you can download the lessons, and then use iTunes to copy them over to your phone.

Many thanks, Chris. I will give that a try tomorrow.


Ouch, sorry about that, Jason - looks as though you’ve had the double whammy - not installing was the first issue, and then you’ve been kicked by the bug that we haven’t managed to squash yet… for what little consolation it is, we genuinely share your pain and frustration on this…